Just a few things bloming so far...

bethnorcal9May 2, 2010

Been playing with my new operating system and image editing program. The irises have been pummeled to shreds by the hail we had a couple days ago. But they are recovering. The roses are hanging in there, but I've got B/S all over the place. Weeds are rampant and I don't have much time to get out and clean up. Too tired....

Here are a few roses that popped open the last few days:








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Oh, I love Mikado!! The others are pretty --as are all your roses.. I have your site on my favorites and I am using it as a reference for my wish list. Thank you for posting all your lovely roses..

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I am sorry about the weather but your roses are lovely. Those leaves on Verschuren are so unusual. Smoky is very pretty and so is El Dorado. Sorry to hear you are tired, I have had the worst allergies this spring - I don't go smell my roses any more:-(.


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They are all beautiful Beth, I really like Mikado too.
The foliage on VERSCHUREN is very unusual, it looks like it has white streaks?

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Queenbee, thanks for the nice compliment!

Masha, I'm tired because I work 6 days a week. When I get home, I'm usually dead! Nobody helps me with my garden, or much of the housework either. The warmer temps will help keep me going tho. I don't like cold weather. My arthritis is just so much worse then, and that's tiring too. (plus I need to lose weight!) I'm making my husband come and help pull weeds today tho!!

Ramblin, VERSCHUREN is one of the few roses in existence that have variegated leaves. I love it just for that reason! I got it many yrs ago from Sequoia Nursery as a tiny ownroot, and it's taken a loooong time to get established. And those white streaks weren't very pronounced the first few yrs. It's really nice now.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Ah, Bethie, I love seeing your California roses this time of year. :~) Nothing bloomin' here yet, of course.

So sorry to hear about your pain and fatigue from the arthritis. :-( Arth'r sucks big-time!! My beloved Grammy had it really bad so I know what you're talkin' about. Hugs to you, dear, and thanks for sharing.


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Hi ya Beth, Love Smokey and Laura Ann! So pretty. Rest up now and enjoy the rose show you are fixing to have. Take care, Judy

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Very pretty, Beth. I love that Smokey!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Banner, El Dorado and Laura Anne are my favs!! Real stunners!!

Thanks for the look!

The variegated leaves are really interesting - who knew? :)


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Saw more of your Laura Anne at HMF. Very nice.

Love Smokey.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

BETH: Them roses are gorgeous.I love them all, but, SMOKEY is my favorite,and BANNER is gorgeous..I'm sorry that you are so tired and hurting with Arthritis.How well I know the pain of it,altho, lately My Arthuritis is not the culprit in MY body.Its Statin drugs the Dr put me on for colesterol,he says is too high.Well, the first drug wasn't bringing it down to suit the dr,so he doubled the dosage,and it affected my vision AND My intire body hurts so bad,You wouldn't believe meds could do that to youCould barely walk,and I quit taking it, then I was told we would try another one that will work,,and it done the same thing to me,and I quit taking it too,and I will refuse to take any of it again, while I can still stand up and move a little.Hang in there,and keep showing us your gorgeous roses.


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Oh Beth always so lovely. My husband walked around our yard yesterday but no buds yet. Just the pansies and lungwort are doing their thing:) Won't be too long if Mother Nature gets her act together.

Thanks for those and I hope all is well with you.


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Thanks everybody! Sorry... I been busy taking more pics, downloading, tweaking, playing with the new system etc. My hands ache! The irises are in full swing and I have to go out and take pics all the time!! (it's awful the obsession) I'll be kinda glad when the irises are done blooming... then I can keep up with the pics better. Also got my husband out there helping me weed out some Bermuda grass. What a mess! I'll try and post some new pics of what's blooming later tonight.

Kate, I'm so sick of this cold weather. It's not raining, but it's windy and cold again. Hope your roses start up soon!

Jean, I'm so sorry to hear about the statin drugs. My mom has been on Lipitor for many yrs, and I swear that's what's causing all her miserable body aches, but the doc doesn't want to take her off it. I think a lot of these drugs are worse than the ailments they prescribe them for.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I agree Beth,and I quit taking them.You said you have a new operating system in your pc. would it happen to be windows 7 in it?? I have new one too,and it has windows 7 operating system and its a EMACHINE pc,and so far,I can't find a slot for a memory card from my camera.,,and there is nothing came with it telling me NOTHING.? I need some help.


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Your roses are looking really good!

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Thanks Jim.

Jean are you sure there isn't a slot for your card? I thought all newer computers had slots for most memory cards. My son installed a Linux free program from South Africa (I believe) called UBUNTU. It's all free and you can download all sorts of free software programs. You don't need a virus detector, because the hackers all go after Microsoft Windows programs. My son said the local Jr College uses it in some of their classrooms. I guess that's how he found out about it. It's a pretty good system, and apparently is kind of similar to Windows 7. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it doesn't recognize my Sony memory stick. I have to download pics thru the USB cord, which I had a hard time finding, cuz I never used it in 7yrs! Anyway, you can research about it on Wickipedia. My son says it explains all about it and why the creators want to keep it a free program. I haven't actually read about it. I just told him to install it since he liked it so much and I was having problems with my old Windows XP. I need to get a new computer next yr!!

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