Trees that will survive in a wind tunnel?

susankaJune 7, 2010

Hi, everyone. We live on a ridge above the Greenhorn Valley. Winds here reach 60-75, and this has been a really windy spring. We're planning to redo our yard, and are wondering if there are any trees that will do well in this wind-tunnel environment. Our young aspens are half stripped of leaves, our autumn purple ash leaves are dessicated and not there because of the wind, etc., etc. Evergreens don't do well either. We want to plan some shade trees; can anyone tell me what might survive? Thank you very much. We'd like not to do junipers if we can find something else.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Yes, if you look around that area there are only a couple conifers for trees and that's it. A true challenge, certainly.

For decidous trees you are going to need to water. Acer campestre is not too big but deense and tough, takes wind and has aggressive roots. There is a newish, not widely tested ash called Fraxinus 'Fan West' that you'll only likely find on The Internets in your parts. For an ornamental needing little water, Chilopsis linearis. The pioneers planted Ulmus pumila but we see now that there are many problems with it.

For the more likely acclimatized conifers/evergreens, you might see if others down there have Cupressus arizonica. Lots of pines - esp ponderosa. Quercus ilex is seen in some places in CA for windbreaks. Cupressus sempervirens is trite but may work with some water. Thuja plicata if you can get seed, have space, and water it. Pseudotsuga menziesii if you have plenty of spare water.


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Wow. Thank you for noting all these. I see I may just not be able to have my dream trees; price we pay for living on this ridge, I guess.

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