Here's a good one, my NOT Fragrant Cloud...

sgsmith318July 5, 2005

This has almost no foliage, so I can't tell what it looks like. I got it at a no-name hardware store along with a Sonia and a Mr Lincoln that were roasting in the heat and almost too far gone to save, but it's coming back fine. Medium size foliage, semiglossy, medium green, nothing special. The blooms smell wonderful!, but they are seriously unusual. I thought it was Fragrant Cloud because the first bloom had no white showing, and of course that's what the TAG said, but it had some almost "blueing" hot pink mixed with the almost unreal coral color... Then THIS opened up, and I thought in the bud stage, maybe it's bleached by the sun or too stressed, but these look like stripes to me! Another bud is on that has no white showing as yet...What in the world could this be? I've had no luck on as yet and thought you guys might have seen something like this out there. Very strange. (There are several other shots of this rose on my pbase site in 2005 roses; see if they help...)

Thanks for *any* input. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: my unusual not Fragrant Cloud that IS fragrant...

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Here's still another picture of it that opened in a vase, and there is no white on this one...wierd...


Here is a link that might be useful: another not FC?

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