2011 Lopsided Garden / Lumpy Roses Part I

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)May 29, 2011

Lol, just when you thought it was safe to enter our Rose Gallery, I blunder in like an unstoppable Giant Gumby creature, tee-hee. I apologize for going crazy with rose photos, but when you have as hideous and awkward of a garden as mine, you get DESPERATE! The photos are illogically placed because seeing too many of the same roses gets to be extremely annoying, but beauty very rarely comes to my garden- I'm so used to bare, naked and ugly with the terrible floods of 2010, and 2011 is degenerating into the same soggy mess. However if you want to fast-forward and skip all these photos, there is one important thing I want to say. It's about my friend Tim Dyer and also about the wonderful inspiration and cheer that Boxofrox gave me last year when I was "Down-in-the-Dumps", and how I'm "paying it forward" especially for this Memorial Day Weekend....The tribute to Boxo is at the very bottom of this page so that everyone can easily scroll to that last paragraph...

As for bloom times in my garden, Cornelia sat on her buds for eight weeks. It was my first bloomer (May 11th). Second was my frail Distant Drums that lost 2 out of 3 of its pencil canes and was barely 5 inches tall at the beginning of the season. DD's nickname is "Baby DD in Diapers" trying to be a Napoleon. Gave me a 3" bloom at the final height of 7", lol! Lincoln's multiple buds remained in tulip form (patially open)for 2 entire weeks, SHEESH! Climbing America only had one bud ready, which opened a little more than Lincoln, but then came to a standstill. Then Lincoln busted ahead with a fully open bloom on May 21st. Bloomtime for me starts at the tulip stage so L. and C.A. were tied up in the twilight zone of May 17th.

The Lincolns:

Cornelia Hybrid Musk:

Climbing America:

Distant Drums Shrub Rose:

Folklore: not the right light conditions to show the intense bicolor that is true to life, but at least the orange is better preserved.

Compassion: when the blooms aged, they actually healed up from some of the bruising of rain damage, much to my relief.

More Lincolns:

Another closeup of Cornelia:

Cornelia was a spindly, sparse 12" plant late May 2010 when I received it-barely 3 flushes with only one handful of blooms each, lol. Pretty big now in late May 2011 :) And it's still blooming bigtime. I was very busy this Spring, yelling at it for being a bud-hoarder (8 weeks of waiting on "sterile" buds). My good friend DorsetMike from Peter Beales also explained another interesting habit of hybrid perpetuals and hybrid musks. Every cluster will open one bloom at a time, that way the flush extends the longest. Here is Eluane, helping my clumsily arranged garden look less hideous from that nasty wire fencing put up against my arch-enemy, the rabbits!

More images of Climbing America:

Ferdinand Pichard: Beautifully healthy baby band from Linda (Long Ago Roses) had this gorgeous bloom on it when it arrived on my doorstep:

More images of Folklore bicolor shows better here but the true orange is lost by the camera:

Lol, a rose is a winner if it can put up with all this rain, haha!

One last set. I never had the chance to post this 2010 late fall photo of beautiful Frederic Mistral last year because I had been swamped with work at the time. Frederic Mistral is growing in full shade.

And here is my sad Swansong to Mrs. B.R. Cant, RIP, another end-of-the-year "new" photo.

O.K. here is the scoop about our wonderful Boxofrox, especially those of you who are new to the Rose Gallery. Boxofrox has such a gorgeous amazing garden and is such a kind, caring wonderful person! Every year we've been blessed to see his bouquets to dear neighbors who have suffered loss or sickness, he's had bouquets sent to elderly residents, built an entire deck, planted roses for his niece, such a joy to others. And in the same way, when I was down in the dumps from unemployment and a horrid garden year, he had started a Happy Birthday thread that really cheered me up. So the best I could do was a "pay forward" from Boxofrox to my friend Tim Dyer. Tim is an amazing Master Agility Champion AKC Handler, trainer and instructor, who has brilliant Border Collies and is loved by all his students-- I can easily see his dog Zen making it to the World USA Team to go to Europe for example. He and his young dog are that good. His older dog, Frankie, also is a brilliant MACH-titled dog too. Well just a few weeks ago, Tim suffered a relapse from his detached retina. The first go-around his eye had healed nicely and he had recovered a decent portion of his vision. Well, this time he had complete and total vision loss and had to again! go through emergency surgery. This can be devastating because you need both eyes for a fast moving dog and to compete at National and International levels. From what he has last told me he can still see a tiny bit of color in his left eye, so we are still keeping our fingers crossed for his recovery. So what I'm gonna be doing is taking the best of these photos and doing a Get Well Slide show for Tim to cheer him on (sort of a homemade Get Well card)....just the way Boxo had done for me! So here's a cheers to our Wonderful Boxo!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Wow! Some great shots of your roses! And I see Eluane hamming it up... lol. I swear she loves to get her pic taken... lol

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Bee-you-tea-full pics KG. I painted all day long and it was a welcome sight to come in to.

Love the ML of course, mine got SP-ed after the one cane was no longer wonderful. Folklore is DDG and is right in my color wheel. Your Americas are always much prettier than mine. What a kind and lovely 'here's the scoop' and back at ya. That mutt of yours sure knows how to find the camera. VBEG

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Lovely story. Thanks for telling it!
Your Mr. Lincolm shots make me want to have one, and I have never even considered it before. Brava!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Yea her Lincoln blooms are looking good, I can't wait until ours open to see what they look like this year.
I really like the rose pics with water droplets on them too.
There something about water droplets...lol

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Awww, thanks so much Boxo, Jim, and Renee! I was up super late last night, but finally assembled the new Slideshow card for Tim! hurrray! Renee, you and Boxo have the most generous, triple gorgeous layouts with brilliant colors. Boxo we've been waiting for AGES for your 2011 Garden MAGIC Thread :D Everyone loves and is a huge fan of your garden.

Lol, little E I am luring to her placement with her frisbee. If you notice in the 2nd photo, she's actually frustrated because I haven't yet thrown her frisbee to her. So maybe it's the owner with the VEG! I am using the Baby Girl to help soften the horrid lumpiness of my garden, haha!

To all of the Gallery folks, Happy Memorial Holiday!

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

I just got done spending $600 on one of the dogs and the cat. We're thinking they got some sort of bad joojoobeeze from an interloping nocturnal of some sort. Like I needed that out of nowhere :-( But since I mentioned her, here she is with them honest Abes. I only show for a teaser cuz they should be finally popping next week.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Ohh, Boxo, she is glorious!!!! I remember this Princess Cat!!! She was a cat that came Outta the Blue (sorry Jim, for the Pun ;-) and just FELL in LOVE with your garden and wouldn't Leave! A princess cat knows where the Castle is at! LOL! She is ready to Claim Her Kingdom because she knows where Heaven is, lol! :D Oh, my goodness, Abraham D'Arby is looking soooo wonderful! I've missed Him so much!!!! Hurrray! an Abraham to Light the Kingdom, lol!

By the way poor Eluane! She is so scared of Kitties and when they had the Adopt a Cat at Petco, there was one super sweet Kitty that allowed Eluane to greet her. But then there was another Kitty that seemed so gentle then all of a sudden Hisssss and Swat! Eluane yelped, poor Girl, and Stupid Owner!!! I should have asked the Petco people first about which were the nice kitties. But Jim warned me never ever trust a Cat, and he has two. He says all cats can do a 180 at any moment in time.

Eluane sends greetings to the Pom-Poms!!! I know she would love the Pom-Poms! She likes small, gentle dogs and loves Precious, this tiny Yorkshire terrier. The other white Labrador from my other new neighbor terrorizes Eluane. He will slobber all over her, trying to make her get up and play, he will step all over Eluane too, lol! He also left these giant toothmarks all over her frisbee and left a giant rip on it as well. :-P

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Darn - I lost my message - guess I'll have to retype what I wrote.

Let's see...

Thank you Serena for FP - that's one of my most favorite rose blooms. I adore everything about your FP. It made my day!!!

You are the Queen of Mr. Lincolns!! Your blooms look perfect and those first two blooms are unbelievable!!! Wowza!!

Your Frederic Mistral looks so refined and queenlike. What a lovely picture. Just beautiful!!

Boxo - That is a wonderful shot of your beautiful cat with your beautiful Abe - is there nothing you do that isn't fantastic??!!! LOL

I agree with Jim - Eluane is such a ham!! She just takes such delight in being with you.

Thank you for sharing all of your GORGEOUS roses (especially FP!!!). I loved them!!

Just went back up to see Ferdinand again. Sigh


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thank you Carol, you are SO SWEET! And yes, isn't Boxo's AD so Stalker Astoundingly Droolingly Gorgeous!!! Eluane sends you her puppy kisses!

Carol, I found out about Ferdinand Pichard from my friend from England, DorsetMike. And it is sooooo fragrant, Carol! Lincoln is of course by far the strongest smelling rose, and FP is almost as strong. Lincoln smells of heavy damask. FP smells like a mix between damask and raspberries! It actually would be a very good rose for you except for its size. It is supposed to be a zone 4 rose but you can't contain it in a pot :( alas!! Here is my friend Mike's rose...FP is not!!! a climber though!! It is a hybrid perpetual that is being pegged. but maybe the cold of your zone might keep it small but for the prolific constant flushes you have to keep it pegged according to Mike. People who don't peg don't have the continual blooms that he's gotten it seems. He says it is a prolific rebloomer for him. Others in the U.S. only give it a Good- rating for rebloom. Mike has his growing in the doorway. Like me, he says Ferdinand Pichard's fragrance is incredible. FP is his FAVORITE ROSE!!!!

DorsetMike's Ferdinand Pichard blooms

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Hi Serena, nice to see you being back and kicking!

You have so lovely roses this year! I especially like Mister Lincoln, Compassion, and Ferdinand Picard. The photo of your friend Mike's Ferdinand Picard is totally amazing! Hope yours will be as beautiful soon.


Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Garden Dreams

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!!! That's amazing. I've heard about the poor rebloom, so I was wondering about that. So I see that he pegged them horizontally. Wow!! What a rose. Your photo, though, is more romantic looking. :)

Gosh I love that rose!!!!!!!!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Carol, if only I could send over the fragrance to you and Christina, the Sweetest of fragrances for the Sweetest of Folks! :) you both are the Sweetest! My feelings are that this thread would not be the salvagable without Boxo's beautiful gorgeous Abraham D'Arby and without the little E! she helps bring the fun! Christina, us organics people are always drooling over yours and Krista's GORGEOUS organics blooms and beautiful garden arrangements. For Jim, we love how healthy and strong and glossy his organics foliage is, always shiny like mirrors!

Today I am happy because ROYAL SUNSET BLOOMED!! Royal Sunset has the neatest buds. They are a sugar caramel/maple syrup orange. This rain-soaked Spring, it is remaining a true apricot, whereas last year it was pink... This will probably be the last set unless! the Crescendo tree rose blooms next week. Next week will be the last deadline before I will wait for the next Lumpy Rose batch, lol!

Finally, a non-beaten up, non-eaten Compassion:

Royal Sunset:

Viking Queen is going crazy with Lumpy Blooms too numerous to count but only 2 per 40 blooms turn out photograph-worthy, lol! . She seems too young to handle such a massive flush plus her usual growth on steroids simultaneously. She was a 12" band last year and grew to 6'. Cut her down to about 5'2" after winter but by June her arms are spread out across 2/3rds of the patio railings.

Aromatherapy: the bubblegum pink rose, lol! that keeps getting chewed.

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haha I can just see Serena prancing around in joy snapping off pictures. Looks like you have quite an impressive flush this year...much better than what you had to endure last year so you deserve it.

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le_jardin_of_roses(zone 10)

Serena, red roses normally don't send me, but your Mr. Lincoln is quite handsome. I like many of your roses too. I must say that your adorable Collie is sooooooooo cute that I want to squeeze his little face. Hope all is well with you.


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Keep the pictures coming Serena!!! Just love your roses. I had an Aromatherapy here one year (died over winter) and it was soooo tall!!! The blooms were way up high - so unusual for here. Plus, when I picked them to smell them - there was no fragrance!!! Aromatherapy - no fragrance - come on!! LOL


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thank you so much Nick, Juliet and Carol, for your very kind comments! Yes, Nick I am prancing before I get to be hopping mad again! We are having dreadful weather, so even though my roses are getting far more BS resistant, eventually they will still succumb to this horrid weather so I got to keep snapping away before my mind snaps once BS strikes again, lol!

Juliet, little E is a princess girrrrrly, she's a girl! and she loves to tuggy to music too! She can cha-cha, and tango to music, and she can pirouette on her hind legs too! definitely a princess girl and dainty in the garden, very gentle to plants!

Carol, yes, Aromatherapy is very fragrant, the scent is strong, but not the kind of scent that lingers in your dreams and memories the way Lincoln or Ferdinand Pichard does, lol! Now those 2 roses have the "unforgettable" fragrance....Maybe Aromatherapy can't stay fragrant with the colder weather? Carol how I wish FP could stay small for you. It'd be the perfect rose! Cold-hardy, vigorous, beautiful blooms and oh, the fragrance is absolutely DIVINE!

Hehe, here is a very cute little "lump" visiting my lopsided garden....

Here is one more Folklore which shows its vibrant orange better, but alas, the bicolor is lost whenever my camera is able to catch the orange, lol!

And here is one more photo of Compassion that still looks decent in spite of being eaten up! Alas, I have to wait until next year to get the deck repainted. I have too many trees and bushes that have to be trimmed and cut down and it is way too expensive for me to get everything done and paid for this year :(

The Crescendo tree rose is almost ready to fully open and so is little Distant Drums-- but how good the blooms end up being is up to question...I'll soon find out, lol! and those should be the last set for this thread. Also I am sooo excited about my Russian sage! It's starting to bloom too! and that means the honeybees will soon be coming!!!! It's supposed to bloom in early July, not the first of June, so the RS must really like my garden conditions :D!

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Wow, fabulous roses, Serena. Wonderful blooms and pics.

Very interesting about the Hybrid Musks and Hybrid Perpetuals opening one bloom at a time. I notice that happening on my Bubble Bath Hybrid Musk.

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I love all your roses, very pretty! And your dog is so cute, border collies are the best companion dogs and they are so smart.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Awww, thank yo so much, Krista and Ramblinrozez! And Puppy Eluane sends puppy kisses to you both!

Krista, I have missed your beautiful roses so much, especially Marchesa Boccella. If you scroll upwards, I had talked to Christina about how organics gardeners completely drool over your blooms and Christina's blooms (same reply location as the Royal Sunset rose)....And oh, Boxo never hears the end of it either when I talk about his Abraham D and Hot Cocoa as well, lol! so now all I have to wait for are everyone's afore-mentioned roses. So please, please, please come back soooooon! Boxo has gotten me all amped up since he started his first comeback thread, hahaha! Stalker is goin' crazy with his thread! But at least his lovely Lyda and Hansa are starting the first of the roses and ...I'm hoping for the next honeybee/bumblebee photo from your bee-heaven garden as well, Krista, and the Louise Odier, Stanwell Perpetual, and Felicia...

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Thanks, Serena, for remembering my roses. I'll post some pics soon, it has been a while since I've posted pics.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Serena I was thinking of you today. When I got in the car this morning to drive the kids to school (about 30 minutes away going 80 km/hr) a bumblebee must have gotten into the car with me. When we arrived at school, my daughter freaked a little when she saw a pollen ladened bumblebee right by her window trying to get out. I said just open your window and gently shoo it out. So she did. Then I thought - how is it every going to find its way to its hive. So I felt bad for the the little bee - but it was too late. So then I thought of you and how sad you would feel for the little guy.

Nicer news - I love your new photos!! Compassion is the perfect pink. I love that color. Roses look great.

I love seeing pictures of ladybugs. I collect ladybug stuff - so it's always nice to see one.


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

awwwww, little bumblebee will be a bit lonely, but luckily bumblebees can eat on their own unlike honeybees. Honeybees would starve poor things, but a bumblebee should be able to settle and will probably have to dig and find its own shelter in the grass....

Carol, Exciting news!!!! maybe Ferdinand Pichard is indeed the perfect rose for you. It is already sending beautiful, lovely buds!!!!! So definitely rebloom is really fantastic in my garden! Just make sure it is in full sun! and it is supposed to be quite cold hardy and just maybe it might be able to be contained in a super large pot..... Hey, if you can grow Abraham D'Arby in a pot, then surely, why not Ferdinand Pichard, lol! I will keep you updated on its amount of rebloom, but to me it seems to have really good rebloom so far! Mine is just a very young vigorous band but even with vigorous bands, not all have rebloomed as fast as this one! I'm feeding mine with super diluted Gardenville sea tea, and oh, I am drooling already. The buds are so soft and furry, like teddy bear buds, lol!

I took photos of little DD, but Jim, little DD's foster parent, does not! like coffee colored roses. Little DD's 2nd bloom is very charming and sweet but Jim would be rather horrified about the coffee center. I was gonna try to twist Jim's arm to try to make him say hello to little DD, once I post. I also got photos of Penny Lane. Penny Lane is like Little DD in terms of being a trooper. Penny Lane is growing in FULL SHADE so for him to have a flush of seven blooms for such a stumpy tiny rose is quite an accomplishment....but as always, he is fed Gardenville Sea tea which I feed to all struggling and stressed out roses and to baby bands to pump up the growth. I am making big hubaloo for little Napoleon DD, because there's a good chance it won't survive beyond winter. We have a joke between Jim and I that Napoleon's defeat was that Russian winter and not the battle of Waterloo with our incessant rains....

I will post DD, Penny Lane and Crescendo all at once, Crescendo is being a Largo (slowpoke instead of a Crescendo). If it spirals then it will be typical of a spiraling HT big bloomer. Takes forever for large HT spirals to develop....

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Oh - I didn't know that. That's nice to hear. My daughter will be glad to hear that.

Oh - I would love to have a Ferd. If I ever see it at our local rose nursery - I'm going to buy it and try it. It's just so lovely!!

Looking forward to more pics!!


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Yep, I see your little friend the "Ladybug".
Folklores color looks mighty bold! Nice!
But I'm still looking for lumps. lol

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Aww, thanks so much, Carol and Jim...And Krista, your Purple Pavement is beautiful and I love its color and form and the flowers are so generous and lovely.

On my end, things are real bad. Everyone, as you might know my front yard is one UNSIGHTLY DISASTER with the pruned barberry and evergreen bushes!!! I am so ashamed of how the front of my house looks with all those dead brown branches. For the final set of photos, I am putting up way too many roses in this thread, but it helps alleviate all my frustrations. As promised, when the Crescendo tree rose bloomed I am capping off this last set of lumpy photos. The bud of my baby band, Anna de Diesbach, smells fantastic too, a mix of damask and cinnamon, but it is just a little too late in not blooming before Crescendo's photos. Also one never knows about how baby bands will bloom. It could be a tiny Super-Lump, haha!

Jim, here is Little DD saying hi, to his Godfather, Jim, lol! Hope you don't mind his coffee colored center.

Jim, how about this Viking Queen lump? you did want to see a cute lump, right?

and a prettier VQ bloom when the rains don't ball it or when the thrips let it have the chance to bloom better.

Here is the Climbing Rose Jules the rose that I'll be giving away next year because it has no scent.

Here are the Crescendo tree rose images. Crescendo is a hybrid between Gemini and the New Zealand Rose for the fragrance. J&P says it's supposed to be exceptionally fragrant, and it does smell very nice, but it HAS THE EXACT SAME STRENGTH and Peach-Papaya Fragrance as my Sport-fragranced Gemini. And neither does Crescendo have my absolute favorite strong intense coral that my Gemini and Pelicanhead's Gemini had. Instead it looks like the typical Geminis in terms of the pale pink, as you can see from these photos...

See this comparison with my old Gemini...

I may actually like the spent coloration of an old Crescendo bloom better than the peak bloom because then you get less white.

Here is a spiral-classically formed Crescendo here...

This is actually my first bloom from an old Climbing America. I have two plants...One in 2009, the other in 2010.
All the ones I previously showed are from the new Climbing America...

The last Compassion for this thread

The last Folklore for this thread. Unfortunately the leaves were splattered by grass fragments from the lawn person's weed eater, lol!

and finally Penny Lane! Penny Lane has been blooming for awhile, but very lumpily because of the non-stop rains. But I finally was able to get 2 roses photographed.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Little Bonaparte is looking really good and no I do not mind the coffee stains... lol
Where you see lumps, I see nice fluffy blooms...lol

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You have so many beautful roses! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures, I love especially Mr. Lincoln!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Ahhh so lovely!! Folklore looks so colorful. Reminds me of Disneyland. Is that just due to cool weather?

I sure like your Cl. America and Gemini. What can you say about Gemini - always seems to look fantastic - at least yours always do!!


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.


All my e-mails I send to you are getting returned.
Says your mail-box is full again...
Clean out that mail-box...lol

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thanks you so much Bgrose, Carol, and Jim! Carol, Folklore is always supposed to be a bicolor but the camera fails to capture it because I don't take it under the optimum lighting. It is a brilliant candy-tangerine orange on one side and a lemon butter cream on the other side. It looks nothing like Disneyland. Disneyland is very floribunda-like but Folklore does consistently "spiral" and is a classic HT. Bgrose, yes, Lincoln is my favorite rose! but the next one in line will almost 98% be Ferdinand Pichard. Both roses have the most AMAZING FRAGRANCE!!! Great news people, Crescendo's color is deepening, and may revert to Gemini coral. I am so excited about this... But if I post new pics that would be breaking my promise about saving everything for the next Lumpy batter batch, haha! Which is another reason why I stopped myself from posting my photos of my Scottish heath and heather. I absolutely love those new plants but we will see if they can flourish in my soil which is very ill-suited for heather/heath...They need sandy and acidic and not clay.alkaline soil so I'm trying to feed them tea leaves for the acid...

lol, Jim, I am having a ROTTEN DAY TODAY, lol, today of all days, and yes! I did try to clean out that mailbox, lol! Hope you got my email about how horrid of a day I'm having with Kansas IRS. They are refusing to send back the money they made a mistake on back in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Their error too! Missouri got it straight, but Kansas didn't!!! So frustrated!!!!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Booo!!! The IRS giving you a hard time - booo!!

That's really frustrating. We can all use more money. If you DO get it back, you can bet you won't get interest on the money.

Thank goodness we have roses!!! They make life go skippety-doo-dah!! LOL


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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

Woah, this is what I missed during the two weeks I didn't log on. FANTASTIC pictures, Serena! I especially love your Folklore (the oranginess is kiling me) and I always love Mr Lincolns. Eluane is such a doll, I adore her! I have high hopes from my Ferdinand Pichard whom I got this spring from ARE. He hasn't bloomed yet :-(

Boxofrox, many best wishes and I hope you get well soon. Your kitty is superduper cute :)

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Alas, Carol, it's Kansas IRS that is such a bugger, and the worst is the current governor of Kansas, Brownback. I can't recollect a worse governor than this clueless, rockheaded dude. His policies make my stomach churn! My parents and friends can't stand him either.

Oooo, LoveMySheltie, you will also like Folklore's Perfect spiraling HT form. It is a PROLIFIC bloomer and has a strong, nice scent. I keep trying to take the right photo of it, but the only person who can truly capture its beauty is Markiz (Lana)!!! Lana's photos of Folklore make One Dream! and she is able to show how beautiful Folklore truly is...

One more thing, LoveMySheltie, hope you had the chance to scroll upwards to read about how DorsetMike gets his FP to be a prolific rebloomer. He pegs down FP. Mine are not pegged but rebloom very fast, and I think it's because it gets full blast Midwest sun. Mike's is also in full sun.

Lovemysheltie, I hope you re-post in your thread your gorgeous pup! Eluane is waaaaiting for her! :D

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seil zone 6b MI

Tons of gorgeous roses!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thank you so much Seil! :) I am looking forward to your lovely zone 5 garden with your showy climbers! Most of mine are only zone 5 baaarely inching along, lol!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Zyperiris I have been howling non-stop about my sport-fragranced Gemini. I howled when I saw Pelicanhead's beautiful Gemini that was identical to mine, but alas, it has no fragrance. If you scroll upwards, you'll see my Gemini/New Zealand hybrid tree rose, called Crescendo in my last set of pics. There's a 50% chance it may revert to my original Gemini. The fragrance is very strong and exactly like my Sport-Fragranced Gemini (papaya and peaches scent). At first it was producing the typical pale pink edged Crescendo rose, but later, the edges started getting darker and darker with each consecutive bloom. Dark coral Geminis are extremely hard to find, most are very pale pink. Since yours is scented and if it has the dark coral edging, I may be bugging you to death for a cutting, lol if my Crescendo fails to completely "convert" back to my old Gemini. J&P no longer sells Gemini :( In my next Lumpy thread I will show you my darker Crescendo blooms. It won't be until 2 weeks later, because I don't want to wear out everyone with my continual lumps, lol! I've got some new wonderful photos of Eluane with the heather too which I'm saving up for next time! :)

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Sure..I have never done a cutting..but I can. My Gemini's are spent for now..but I will check the fragrance again...it had a smell for sure.

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Your roses are just to beautiful Your Mr Lincoln has really came into it's own. But my favorite is Forklore, love me some orange roses. I'm glad you are enjoying time with your best friend and pet. I miss my dog from time to time maybe one day I'll get another dog but it will have to be awhile. Thanks for showing us your beautiful lopsided garden.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thanks so much Zyperiris and Harold! Harold, your Folklore must be sooooo much more beautiful than mine!!! I can't wait to see yours! I love mine, but I can just imagine how HEAVENLY YOURS MUST BE! Folklore is actually a very large-bloomed rose. But because I am all organics, the thrips love to eat fragrant roses, so I don't get to take as many photos that I want to take. But I'm not sure how many people can take more lumpy photos from me, so that is why I'm laying low for 2 weeks, haha! Whereas no one would ever! get tired of seeing your Perfectly Formed, beautifully spiraling formed HTs, Harold. I'm sure Folklore is at its most Majestic in your garden, and I can't wait to see him. Harold. Lincoln always spirals in cool weather, but I have to get up super early and watch like a hawk or I miss out! He loses the spiral within 1 hour, so I have to get out there at the perfect moment. I also have to cut to the 5 leaf or else he will spray out and never achieve that spiral.

Oh, yes, please give my hugs to Adele. I miss seeing those delicious Myer Lemons and that PIE, and the yummy basil!

Zyperiris, is your Gemini the deep Coral coloration?

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