my weird rose bush. Anyone know the name?

AlieCat(7b Texas)July 7, 2005

Hello all!

I have been wanting to post this for awhile now but waited until the roses bloomes again. I want to see if anyone can identify it. I bought it and planted it last October but didn't know much about roses so I planted it to close to other things. Anyway.. I am learning alot about roses now and I'm planning to move it a foot over in the late fall.

Anyway I have lots of pictures of the growing process. I think this rose is very weird cause it looks like teo diffrent roses growing on the same bush.

Ok first I will give all the info..

I bought this bush and another one (not shown) at Wal-Mart when they were trying to get rid of them. I already had 2 rose bushes in my garden and thought I would add some more with them.

These roses were on clearence for $5 so I dug through all of them and grabbed two that had roses on them so I knew what color they were. This one showed pink roses.

I am pretty sure that it is a Jackson & Perkins rose cause all of them were. The two I bought didn't have tags. Thats why I need your help.

I am only posting ID on one bush because the other one doesn't bloom much so there is only like one pic of it. And it's not a good one.

I planted this last October so this was the first spring and summer I had with it.

Here is the first pic from April 21st

I thought it was weird looking because all the new growth had bigger leaves then the rest of the bush. And the rose is RED! So I thought this was even more weird.

Here is a close up

Ok here is a pic 8 days after. It looks like the rose that was on there turned into a completly diffrent type of rose.

The roses that were on there turned orange and then the older ones turned pink.

Ok here is a picture from June 22.

See they are pink here.

At this time I was confused and was waiting for new buds to come up.

Here it is yesterday. Note that the buds are red. Now I do know that some rose change in color but I don't understand about the first pics in April how it looks like a completly different rose.

Here is yesterdays bud

This is the rose from yesterdays bud. It looks like it skiped that red hybrid tea look it had in april.
Unless that's what it looks like when it's opening up.

And this is this afternoon. I did have to mess with the coloring because it was raining and dark when I took this. So the rose looks like a weird color but it was the same as this mornings.

So if anyone has any info that would help identify this rose I would so appreciate it!

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Sophie Wheeler

One of your pics (The fully blown one showing the stamens) looks a lot like Prominent, and old bright orange/vermillion red grandiflora. The foliage resembles Prominent as well.

It's quite common for roses petals to change color as they age, or as they get exposed to more sun. Most orange roses age to a rather blotchy pink, and most do have red buds, however this is not confined merely to red or orange roses.

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AlieCat(7b Texas)

That does help! I googled soem pics and it might just be it! Thanks for taking a look.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

Holly is exactly right - what you're seeing is normal aging and UV exposure. As she says, many roses age to a dull, whitish-pink. That rose looks really beautiful fresh, though - you're lucky.

BTW, I noticed your leaves, too - that may be adding to the confusion. Very often, you may have a bunch of smaller, older bottom growth. (That small growth may yellow and die later in the summer, too, but don't panic!) Newer growth is often very red in color, and the leaves may be much larger than any other leaf on the bush - perhaps a slightly different shape, too. That's perfectly normal.

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AlieCat(7b Texas)

aww Thank You rosetom! That makes since. I have been getting alot of new growth on it.

That one bud that is on the left in both the second to the last and the last picture is opening up and it looks like the top two pictures. I didn't know they looked like that opening up. I thought it was a diffrent rose. ha ha

Well I'm new to all this rose growing but I am trying to learn for I have 11 rose bushes in my back yard and 7 of them I got in the last week
It's like I'm addicted!

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I have the exact same bush and thought that it was weird also. I actually purchased it because of the gorgous peach bloom on it and then the next bloom was red!! You are not going crazy and it is not because of different growth and aging. The bush is called "Joesph's Coat" which if you know your bible stories means "The coat of many colors" It really is a beautiful bush and it actually gets better over the years. I have had mine for over 7 years and it just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful every year. This year I actually had a purple flower next to a yellow one. Everyone who comes to my house questions me about the crazy rose bush. I have actually bought ones for many family members because everyone loves mine so much. You are not crazy! Enjoy your Joesph's Coat's beauty!

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