Mystery Striped Rose

jpw_chi(5b Chicago, IL)July 10, 2005

I'm starting to think that a couple of the plants I ordered from one vendor were mislabeled. For instance, my "Hot Tamale" looks not so much like a Hot Tamale, but a lot like a "Sweet Caroline -- which is still a nifty plant, so there's no problem there.

The "Scentsational" I ordered just bloomed for the first time and it looks nothing like the other Scentimental I own. If anything, it looks like a miniature Scentimental. Also, it has a tendency to grow very long canes -- longer than any of my other minis. One of them has climbed into a lilac bush and is chest high, which would make it at least three feet long and probably longer.

It's red and white striped, has 2" miniature blooms, and is strongly fragrant. Any ideas?


PS: Sorry about the pics. My digital camera (which I got for free) is terrible.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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jpw_chi(5b Chicago, IL)

Second Pic (I don't know how to do more than one at a time)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mountainrose(z7 Georgia)

I cannot tell anything from your pictures, but you might want to check out pictures of Twister on the Uncommon Rose website or somewhere else on the web. It is a striped miniature climber.

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Could be HURDY GURDY. It's a "climbing" striped mini. I have mine in a hanging basket, and it trails all over the place. I don't know if it has any scent tho. It's up too high for me to be able to check it!

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jpw_chi(5b Chicago, IL)

Thanks. I checked out both on HelpMeFind, and it could be either one or Stars'n'Stripes -- the closest being Hurdy Gurdy. Wish I knew some way to tell.

Thanks again.

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