pink found rose

donnaroyston(z7a VA)July 14, 2005

Last summer I took a cutting of a rose growing wild on a roadside. It bloomed last month. It has flowers the exact shade and size of "The Fairy" -- they have a little bit of quartering to them, that's the only difference that the individual flowers have from "The Fairy." The shrub itself seems to be a rambler and it grows very quickly. The flowers have no fragrance and appear singly along the canes instead of in clusters, as they do on The Fairy. Good clean foliage and the plant is vigorous and eager to grow.

Anyone recognize this rose?

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'Dorothy Perkins'.

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donnaroyston(z7a VA)

Thanks -- this does seem like a good guess. I found the rose outside a small town in Va., Boyce, and my uncle tells me that it grows commonly throughout the area, at old homes and along roads, so it does sound like a rose that had the enormous popularity that DP had, and has survived the years.

DP is supposed to be fragrant, though, I thought. This rose has no trace of fragrance at all.

I thought the flowers were just darling, and it does me a great favor of not demanding more than a couple hours of sun to do well. I think I'll have to keep it!

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