Elmwood Cemetery 'Bourbon'

radwmackJuly 29, 2005

I posted this on the AR Gallery earlier this spring. I'm still trying to get a closer ID for it. To the best of my knowledge, it's a once-bloomer. I've started one for myself, so I'll be able to tell if that changes with better care. It has a strong scent, very close to that of MIP. Right now the mother plant is getting a little blackspot.

The sepals are only slightly foliate and the stipules are smooth.


Whole bush

The monument is about 10' tall, so I'd say the bush is around 4-1/2'. Someone must give it a good pruning each year, 'cause I never see any canes that have died back.

Anyone have a guess? I've seen quite a few of these in Cent. IL.

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Okay, duh! I apparently don't know the difference b/w a whole bush and a bloom ;D

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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)

If it's a once bloomer (and better care won't change that) could it possibly be a gallica or damask? They are very fragrant roses. Try a HMF advanced search for those types.

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I understand that you can't make a once-bloomer repeat with care, I just meant that maybe it only puts out one flush because it gets no care.
The leaves and canes don't look anything like the Gallicas or Damasks I have (37) and the fragrance is a lot like those of my Bourbons (9). Up here anyway, many Bourbons only bloom once, or may put out a few blooms in the autumn after a big spring flush. For example, VdB puts out a huge spring flush, but no repeat at all.

However, I'm not saying that this certainly could not be a complex mix of any or all three.

I'm getting new growth on the cutting that I started from this one, so hopefully soon, I'll be able to get some detailed photos of the canes, stipules, etc. It's too bad we can't send fragrance over the net :)~ That would be a big help in trying to ID these older varieties!

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