preserve grilled pepper paste?

peppersmokeOctober 10, 2010

Hello - I just grilled about a dozen poblano peppers then sauteed onions. I combined these in the blender with fresh basil, salt & about a teaspoon of olive oil and now I have a tasty thick paste.

I've read some of the posts about bottling/canning/jarring and I'm wondering if I can simply add vinegar & water to the paste to thin it out a bit & preserve it. Or do I need to cook it?


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sjetski(6b NJ)

Cooking it further does something else, it concentrates the flavor and the more you cook the more it concentrates.

Did it that way myself this year using italian super shephard peppers, i BBQ'd about 16 or 18 crates, peeled them all, then cut them up then cooked it down to about a two dozen jars. Hows that for concentrated?

In certain parts of the world that recipe is known as "ajvar" and is almost considered a delicacy because the flavor can be intense if made right and it takes so much work to complete.

As for the storage aspect you inquire about. I'm not too sure but i know i use mason jars with the 3-piece seal-able lids then add about two tablespoons of oil on top of each filled jar which helps keep it preserved and adds some of it's own flavor to the peppers. I have a hunch that something vinegar based is better for your quantity and proposed application but i'm not sure what ratio you should use (?)

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The flavors are indeed intense. Not real hot but really full.

I'm guessing I have a lil' more than a pint of paste.

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