ID for white center w/ pale pink outer

liashkeJuly 18, 2008

When I moved into my house in November 2007, it came with 9 different rosebushes. Two had tags, one I was able to identify on my own, but there are still six unknown varieties. Any help figuring out the unknowns would be greatly appreciated, and if I should try to add any more information that I haven't thought of please let me know. Here's the first and what I know about it just from tending it this year.

Scent: Slight

Petal Count: ~30 is a guess, as this was my first time counting petals.

Blooms: single bloom per stem, not clustered. Repeat bloomer. The shape of the flower is kind of pointy/swoopy... I sometimes think they look like wings. Large.

Bloom Color: Creamy white center with pale pink outer petals and edges. As it ages, the pink fades. It was more white during its first April bloom, and is slightly more pink in its second July bloom. Reverse seems the same as the top.

Foliage: Dark with large leaves that seem somewhat resistant to getting eaten, though not entirely. 5-7 leaves per stem depending on how old the stem is. I'd say the leaves are more matte than glossy.

Thorns: Lots of them. Thick, poky... only place they take a while to show up is on the flower stem.

Overall plant: It's tall and sturdy. It's currently near my height (5'6").

Soil: The soil around it isn't the best. It's hard and likely full of clay.

Sunlight: It gets full sun to part shade through the day.

Zone: I'd say I live in Zone 9-10, more on the 10 side.

Age: I haven't a clue. But I'd guess 5+ years based on the surrounding area, how hard the ground is to do anything with, and knowing the previous owners didn't do much except maintenance.

Additional: Sometime before I moved in, suckers came out and stayed out. There's a small wild red rose that shares the bush now. At a guess, it's somewhat stunting the growth of the cultivated one, since during the biggest flush of flowers in April there were a ton of small red ones just after the white ones finished. I don't think there have been more than 8 white blooms open at one time. But it does seem to be mostly holding its own.

Bloom #1 from 18 July 2008. Doesn't seem as pointy as usual and the pink is really deep.

Bloom #2 from 18 July 2008.

Blooms from 2 July 2008.

Bloom from 15 April 2008.

Aged bloom from 14 April 2008.

Bud from 16 July 2008.

Reverse from 18 July 2008.

Example of thorns, taken on 18 July 2008.

Full view, taken on 18 July 2008.

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cherriej(z5 NEPA)

It looks and sounds alot like Gemini which is a HT. It's a beautiful rose.

I used to grow it but it didn't survive my wicked winter weather.

Check out a description and photos of this rose on the Help Me Find website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gemini

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rosyjennifer(z 6/7 MD)

Wow - great info!

Does Gemini's pink get darker w/ the sun, I think that's what I recall...

Maybe Moonstone or Sheer Bliss?

Regarding the red rose that shares the bush, that is Dr. Huey, the rootstock and it should be cut away below the soil, if possible. You are correct, it will crowd out the grafted rose and take over.

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Thanks for these suggestions! One of my problems has been that there are simply so many roses that it's hard to narrow things down. Gemini seems a lot darker than my rose has ever gotten, so I don't think it's that one, but Moonstone seems possible. Sheer Bliss says it's a pink center with white outer while mine's the other way around... I think Moonstone's the closest so far, though I'm not completely convinced.

And yeah, I've thought of trying to cut away the red one. The very first blooming I didn't realize it was there because of a sucker, I just couldn't figure out where there were two bushes... I'm new to rose-tending. And it was pretty. Knowing that now, I'm leery because of how incredibly thorny the cultivated one is and how intertwined they are. But I'm going to try. :)

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I grow 'Gemini,' a favorite of mine, but I do not think that is your rose. It has a broader blush that is coral in color, and the blooms have a higher center.

My best guess is 'Pristine,' which I grew in the past, and I will put the photo link below. Notice the open blooms with reddish stamens, as well as the blooms in other stages. Click on the "Plant" tab for more information:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pristine

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Yah, Pristine. It's not Moonstone or Gemini--it looks like Pristine.

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Oh wow - Pristine is definitely it! Thank you so much! :D Thanks to everyone for looking into this for me.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

You are welcome -- it was fun to figure it out and I'm glad I could help!

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

To id Moonstone, it was deep veining in the leaves

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diane_nj 6b/7a

You have to dig down and find the origin of the Dr. Huey sucker and scrape it off at that point. You can't just cut it off otherwise you are just giving it a pruning and it will continue to grow.

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