largo pepper?

gloria2008(8)October 2, 2011

i was given 2 small dried red peppers size of a bird eye pepper. the mother plant was covered with beautiful deep purple peppers and purple blooms , only 2 dried peppers were on it, but they apparently turn red when dried . i was told they were largo peppers but it seems largo peppers are small sized bell peppers .please help .

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Pictures are worth a 1000 words.

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of course i understand that a picture would have been great, however i got them from a plant swap and felt no need to have a picture as i was told what they were. only after i got home did i realize that they were not largo peppers.

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From your description, it sounds like you might have Black Pearl. Are the leaves dark purple? A picture would be helpful.
John A

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Largo is a 1x 1/2 inch conical hot pepper. Start out purple and turn red. Violet foliage. Common name, purple Largo. Your description sounds right.

The sweet pepper is Key Largo , a cubanelle type.

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Did the pods hang down like the image in the link farmerdill referenced or, did they point up or sideways on the original plant?

Based on your original description I'd agree with John A, you might have Black Pearl. Here's a shot (not a great one) of a similar variety, Black Cuban.

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thanks every one, think it is black pearl.. wonder when would be a good time to plant the seeds?

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