Rose transplanting question

jclepine(8b)June 21, 2009

Well, I've planted the peony and all that is left is the Madame Hardy rose.

The spot I want to put it is where the once-thought-dead Kaitlin Ainsley rose is. The K.A. is only supposed to get to around four feet high and the M.H. is supposed to get to around six feet high. So, I'd rather move the K.A. up towards the front and put the M.H. where the K.A. was.

But, the K.A. had been thought dead and is going very slowly. Will I disturb it by moving it??

That is my main concern. Both roses are not that big so it is not as if they will really crowd anyone out. but, the K.A. does not have any real canes yet, just foliage on short stems about five inches above the ground and the M.H. is already 2 1/2 feet high or so.

My other idea is to just leave the K.A. where it is and put the M.H. in a spot for now only to move everything next year, when the K.A. is healthier.

Does it even matter? Am I making this a bigger deal than need be?

I'd love some ideas.

Thank you!


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Dan Staley

They are pretty tough but if it is languishing you may want to wait until it can make some food for itself.


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Thanks, Dan!

It is languishing and I just did not think it would be a good idea. I needed a corroborating opinion, though.

I might have found a new place for it so I'll think it over then plant it tomorrow. I'll leave the slow-growing Kaitlin Ainsley right where she is.



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treebarb Z5 Denver

Someone on the antique rose forum has a Youtube video on moving roses using 2 shovels that looked like a great technique. You should take a look for when you decide to move it, if you decide to move it. If it was me I wouldn't transplant Kaitlin right now. I noticed a lot of dieback on my roses this spring and one of my favorite roses, a pink Grootendorst has chlorosis. It was such a dry winter and all the rain this spring seems to have washed a lot of nutrients out of the soil in my garden. I planted two climbing bands on Saturday. It's going to be hot this week so I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!

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Dan Staley

We're going to have a stretch of hot weather and moving it now would cause additional stress.


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Thanks Barb! I transplanted the Morden Sunrise instead because it is only supposed to get to 1.5 or 2 feet and was in the back between two other bushes. Plus, it is nice and healthy unlike the Kaitlin.

I should have waited. I moved it and planted the new one in its place. All is well and they all look happy, peony too, but I might have overdone it yesterday! Good thing I have my chiro appointment today!

I'll have to watch that video because I am often digging things up and moving them around. I used one shovel...I HAVE TWO shovels!

How do you like your Grootendorst? Is it the pink/red or the white? I thought about getting one but it is down on the list, just after Buck roses. I don't always stick to my lists and the Madame Hardy wasn't even on the list!

Here is what happened after moving things around:

The Madame Hardy (with the blooms) is in the spot the Morden Sunrise was in and the Morden Sunrise is now in front of the rock. To the left is the Morden Blush, which is my biggest so far. Madame is spindly, isn't she?:

The peony went in a bit crooked. I wanted the stem with the flower bud, which is the longest stem, to angle forward and left but it wound up going in to the right. Whoops! I didn't feel like disturbing it and fixing it, so there it is. The huge patch of iris will be thinned out late summer anyway and that should make more room:

And, here is a shot that shows just how tiny Kaitlin Ainsley is:

And a shot of her from a distance, for size relativity:

Thanks, all, for the input!! Everyone looks happy and no one looks stressed from being moved around or manhandled!


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treebarb Z5 Denver

How pretty your garden looks! Madame Hardy will fill in, you just wait. And as for Kaitlin, where there is green there is hope! I love seeing the pictures! My peony flopped all over the place after I planted it. I tied some baling twine around to top third, under the blooms and it's held together nicely. I think you're supposed to use cages on them, I will have to get to that soon. I have 2 red Groots and one pink. I love them, but they are wild! I planted them before I knew much about soil amendments and they have survived anyway. I have to warn you they are a sprawling, untidy plant with an uneven growing habit, but they are tough and give lots of small blooms. They have about the thorniest canes I've ever seen and leather gloves are a must. My dogs actually leave them alone, which is a minor miracle. They aren't your basic pretty rose. Enjoy your beautiful garden and your trip to the chiropractor!

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