this baby is a survivor, what is its name?

mdk3000(z6 WestchstrNY)July 9, 2005

I moved in to a house with a very neglected yard. Pushing its way through a choking mass of ferns is this lone little rose. What is it? If it can survive there it can survive anywhere and I'd like to plant more.

Image link:

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

You're makin' it really tough on us Rose_ID helpers, giving us nothing to go on but a photo - and the bloom is at such an advanced age.

Read the Rose-ID Forum's FAQ, willya? : ) Or how about at least checking a post titled "A helpful suggestion if you're new here" (by Northspruce). That post is on the main Rose-ID Forum page (where yours is).

Without any Rose-Characteristics info at all from you, and just that photo, I can only make the wild guess that the rose *might* be either Brigadoon or Folklore.


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mdk3000(z6 WestchstrNY)

So sorry. I was lulled into complacency by the title of the thread and misunderstood the complexity of the problem. Didn't mean to upset anybody. After studying the FAQ I will be sure to be better prepared if I ever ask another question.

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

I wasn't upset. Here's the problem. Somebody walks into a police station and says "I'd like to report a missing person. The person is male and has brown hair. Please find him for me."

What will the detectives say in reply to that request?

My two wild-guess names for your mystery-rose were based on what your photo showed about the bloom's form and its petals. There is a third rose whose bloom-colors look like yours. It's name is VooDoo. But I know your rose isn't VooDoo because its petals aren't shaped like VooDoo's.

Identifying a mystery-rose is almost always "a process of eliminiation." Knowing certain identity-characteristics is what allows us to elimate roses which "look like" the mystery rose - but aren't it. Just like I did with your rose and VooDoo. That's why this forum's "rose-ID detectives" NEED to be given as many identity-clues as possible ...clues like the rose's Leaf-color and Glossiness (or lack of it), petal-count, comparative Fragrance-strength, etc, etc, etc.


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A big part of the problem is that modern bedding roses (hybrid teas, floribundas etc.) such as this one tend to be homogenous, looking alike except for color. Old European roses can also be very similar to one another. In both instances there are (or were) a great number of cultivars selected that fall within narrow parameters, in the first instance deliberately, with hybridizers aiming for certain characters that epitomize the group(s), the second (in part) because of there long being a comparatively limited amount of genetic material to work with (until new species were introduced from Asia).

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