Making rose juice

bgroseMay 13, 2011

Today I harvested Rosa Damaskena petals and made some rose juice. Tomorrow I will show the result. Very yummy I think.

This is Floribunda Yuka

This is Cl America

This is HT Ophelia

This is Blue Boy

and last Prince Trust

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When it is cooled it is nice. I recommend it.

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Your roses are so pretty----How do you use the juice?


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Thanks very much. Juice is used for drinking directly. However I discovered an insect in it and cannot drink it anymore although it is delicious. I washed the petals so much under running water and in a dish but still...sad... I tried to grow the rose organic for jam and juice.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

such GORGEOUS ROSES and a lovely table-setting photos of the Rose Juice! Yuka and Climbing America are looking as beautiful as ever, the color and form of Prince Trust is my favorite of all red roses, Ophelia elegant! Thanks to you Bgrose I will have to try making rose juice. It gets scorching hot in Kansas summers and the rose juice would be such a refresher!

I have made Rose Jelly with my Lincoln/Fragrant Cloud petals and it's soooo yummy! I use rose jelly not only for sweet spreads and cake, but also for savory dishes- I use it as a glaze for pork tenderloin and red meats. Rose jelly is so good with spice mixing as well. But the FC gives it a very strong orange taste. I no longer have Fragrant Cloud because it was a tree rose that succumbed to rain-induced canker because of our floods and non-stop rains in 2010 so the rose jelly will no longer have that orange kick to it.

What's so fun about rose jelly/juice is that the individual fragrance of the rose is preserved. I can't wait to try my Ferdinand Pichard rose jelly if it ever gets to be as prolific as my friend from England, DorsetMike's is. Ferdinand Pichard would taste like sweet raspberries I'm thinking! But it's a 1st year band, lol! so I will have to wait until next year, unless it ends up being a giant like my 1st year Viking Queen from Linda was, haha!

Ogrose, what are your favorite roses that you use for rose juice? I am thinking I would need a more mild, fruity rose for the rose juice is this right? To me strong roses like Lincoln would be way too overpowering for the rose juice, whereas Lincoln is perfect for jelly. About insects, Ogrose you may actually have washed it fully, but fruit flies like to get on stuff afterwards. Maybe what you can do is use a tea leaf strainer netting to clear everything out for the final last draining. Then you funnel it into an empty glass jar and refrigerate it right away.

P.S. please be sure to post a photo of Rosa Damaskena in bloom. It sounds like such a romantic rose. :)

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I use the strongest scented Kazanlik because I find it has the best possible taste and scent. When I wrote Rosa Damascena I meant Kazanlik. Jam, juice, dishes, bath, lotions, soaps and creams it can be used for everything in the body, inside and out! And if you taste it, you yourself will be scented of roses for a long time, so people who have bad breath should eat rose petals before a date :) They will charm their partners with roses smelling kisses :)


Originally this rose was used for balsaming the bodies of dead people (sorry indeed but it is the truth) in Turkish empire because it preserves the skin's youth for long time and because of respect for people as the best possible fragrance and essence to touch the skin and make it last forever. So it is healthy, envigorating and like an elixir of youth.

Thank you very much for your comments and advice. I will try to make jelly next time. But as I grow roses organically, insects scare me when they appear... Please enjoy your roses anyway it is possible for you. Some people may feel like canibals eating roses, but it is just a plant having minerals and vitamins. I think roses have vitamin C but I am not sure about this.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

hehe, you are a brave trooper being scared of insects but still trying to go completely organic. And to have a healthy garden you have to encourage beneficial insects like ladybugs to eat up the bad ones. :) I can understand how you feel, because even though I'm not terrified of insects, seeing an earthworm always makes me jerk away or jump out of my skin. Logically I should be thrilled with seeing earthworms because they are great for soil and means one's soil is healthy but I hate seeing all that squiggling. Funny how our phobias mess with us, hehe. On the other hand I am crazy about honeybees! Do tons and tons of online research, spent tons of money trying to find bee-attractive perennials too.

Back to edible roses, what's great about heavy scented roses like Kazanlik and Lincoln is that you don't have to cut the bloom when it's fresh to have that strong delicious flavor. Lincolns maintain that wonderful fragrance even when the flower is spent. And what I love about Lincoln is that it never rots on the stem like other spent flowers do. All the beautiful petals stay red and just drop to the ground. Touch it just once and all the spent petals shed, sooooo easy to harvest!

What a cool background with the Turkish Kazanlik! Lol, I wish the rose charm would work for my rose-hating boyfriend, but to this day, he hates my roses. He says we have to concentrate on our freelance and that those dang roses are wasting precious time, lol! The very sight of them makes him mad as heck, hehe!

P.S. Vitamin C supplements are usually made of rose hips, so you bet they pack a wallop in Vitamin C I will be sure to try making your rose juice especially during our blazing hot summers.

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