One VERY sick Iceberg Rose Tree

peg_in_oregon(zone 8/OR coast)September 10, 2004

I planted my Iceberg Rose Tree in the spring & up until a month ago it was breathtaking. Then the buds started getting brown & squishy. I sprayed it with the combo Ortho Rose Spray that takes care of insects & disease both. Then someone suggested I use a commercial copper-based spray. Now my poor baby looks extremely ill. It has blackspot, brown crisp leaves, flowers that are half brown. I'm beside myself & don't know what to do next. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a disease magnet here. I shovelpruned it. That cured it.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Ditto HollySprings, but it may not be as bad in Oregon. The brown rotting buds are probably from Botrytis petal blight, which develops in cool, wet weather. Copper can help control it, but you would need to spritz the buds twice a week starting when they first show petal color, if it is raining. In your climate it might be better to find varieties that are resistant, for example Tineke and Kronprincessin Viktoria among the whites.

You would probably have to spray Iceberg's foliage for blackspot during spring and fall, beginning with leafout. Organic controls include sulfur, anti-transpirants, and copper (not as safe). Lose the Ortho product-- it is not a good idea to use insecticide when you only need a fungicide.

The burnt leaves are from the copper. Be sure the plant is well hydrated before spraying. Spray when it is warm and the spray will dry quickly, but not when it is very hot.

There are always threads on the various rose forums about disease-resistant roses, but you need to listen mainly to posters from the NW coast.

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peg_in_oregon(zone 8/OR coast)

Thanks. The leaves going brown, & the tree going downhill so quickly, happened right after I sprayed with the copper. Our spring & summer is cool but very dry. Humidity did start to build in August. Darn it - it was so gorgeous up until then. My Betty Boop tree rose stayed gorgeous though. I'll baby Iceberg along as best I can & see what happens in the spring. I hate spraying!!!!!

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Daisy205(Z6 MA)

I planted five tree roses this spring. 2 icebergs and 3 fairies. The areas in which they are planted don't have enough room to lay them down and cover for winter. I also don't have a place to store them if I dig them up. I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion for winterizing them. They are so beautiful, and I would hate to lose them.

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Hi Daisy. Im new to rose trees but I wrap the trunks of my standard rose trees with burlap, an old towel or what have you. Tie the cloth in place with string and make sure staked solid. They made it through last winter. Maybe mulch also. Personally I consider burying the entire tree underground could be disturbing to the fine root structure of the rose plant and prone to fungus and bugs. I prune in spring to shape.

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