roses for obelisk

birdwoman(7aNY)September 10, 2013

Hello everyone. I live on Long Island and have 3 metal round obelisks. They measure 11 inches in diameter and are 6 feet tall. I am considering the following roses:
Laguna, Florentina, Lavender Lassie, Red consair, Rosarium Uetersen, Gold Bunny and Stomy Weather climbers. I only need to chose 3 but, I am not sure which one of these would be suitable for my purpose. It is my understanding that the canes and laterals should be flexible in order to wrap/weave around the obelisk. I am asking you if you are experienced with the growth habit and flexabilty of any of the above mentioned roses to please respond.
I have read that the roses can be placed inside the center or positioned outside the the obelisk. At this point, I am leaning towards securing the roses inside. I welcome all responses and appreciate your time.

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I grow Lavender Lassie. It's a very large, sprawling shrub. Mine is 9 feet wide and about 8 feet tall. I have to prune it back to control its size. I'm in zone 5.

I don't know if it would work well with an obelisk as the canes can grow quite large and inflexible. It might not be easy to wrap around a structure.

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Thank you very much krista. you correct, This would not work.- margie

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You may have good ideas at this website:
Re: Pruning
to summarize, prune when frost is over & when to dead head during blooming, cut the stem back 3 or 4 sets of leaves to encourage repeat blooming, only prune the plant once it is well established, to tie the plant is to support & keep its in good shape.
My own experience is Ash Wednesday, it should grow up to 15ft or 20ft, the 2nd year this Spring, grew more than 10 ft, so I bent & tied to half circle to smell the fragrance as I photographed closer, after the blooming was over, daringly cut half of its length, now I am waiting for the repeat bloom, here in Costa Mesa, CA, we have warm weather until mid Oct, so we will wait & see. Next photo I will show the rose in full bloom.

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first full bloom was during mid April and the last one was May 18, 2013.
info from Rogue Valley Rose,

Growth Habit:

Year Introduced:
1950 to 1959

Very Disease Resistant

Grow as Climbing Rose

Good for cutting
Shade Tolerant

Bloom Type:
Fully Double

Zone 5

Fragrance fff

Rebloom r

Kordes, Reimer

15-20 Feet

White, Near White and White Blend

Large Flowered Climber

Bloom Size 4

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strawchicago 5a IL

Thank you, seaweed, for that picture showing how you bend it over into an arch ... that's a great tip. That's a smart idea!

I'll do that with my Annie L. McDowell (thornless). It's growing into a climber, last year I thought it's going to be a mini-rose !!!

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