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john47_johnf(Maine z4/5)October 9, 2008

If you have Norton Anti Virus 2008 and receive an offer to update DO NOT DO IT. It totally screwed up my computer--made everything into a pdf file--so nothing would open. Am doing a repair after stuggling all morning ( I'm on another computer right now).There is info on the net-I am not an isolated incident.


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FWIW nortan has sucked since their latest win95 release; you are far better off with kaspersky internet security, bit defender or AVG...

They use far less system resources, have daily updates and are more effective than the "big three" AV progs...

Of course, use spybot search and destroy, a2 free, hijackthis and ad-aware free as well..

Look at it from the perspective of a would-be attacker...if you knew 90% of the populace used one of the big three, what would be the first thing you would make sure your worm/virus/malware was undetectable to? Yeah...exactly..

IMO, use the Av that the black hats do...go kaspersky...

ian - (grey hat all the way!)

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The IT company I work for, we use a lot of those you mentioned but our new favorite addition has to be Malwarebytes. We are HUGE fans of that program. It seems to be getting rid of a lot of the new viruses we have come across such as those new windows xp and vista "virus scanner" 2008 or 2009 ones. Most of those seem to be coming from the UPS and FedEx mails you guys may have heard of.

Anyway to be honest I would start with Malwarebytes then Id move to using AVG 8. If AVG comes up clean you may not need to move further but if youd like to or need to then look at Hijackthis. Once you run Hijack this and it generates the log file for you, copy ALL the text in the log and goto www.hijackthis.de and paste it into the box at the bottom of the page. Then based on those results check certain boxes in the hijackthis program to "fix" them.

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Damn right.

I'll check Malwarebytes out. Though my favorite method involves using UEStudio or Winhex Forensics in hexedit mode to view any file/program I am considering using, or in the worst cases on clients machines, active memory edit mode (WH Forensics only).

The best defense IMO is to disallow those with an IQ under 145 the use of net connected computers. No, I *don't* care if that is elitist. They shouldn't breed either.

Anyway I would suggest a subscription to 2600. It, at times, will give you a bit of a heads up. www.2600.com

ian - (search youtube for deicide - homage for satan..great song..)

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Hi John

I switched to AVG in 03, One virus did get thru

My Server had Norton, several got thru, that AVG blocked.



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