Found in Elk, CA

linrose(6b KY)July 24, 2005

Very smelly dark pink, pleated foliage, red stipules. Any guesses?

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You found this in an elk? I won't ask how.

Foliage looks like that of a hybrid China.

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linrose(6b KY)

The foliage was dark green, shiny, with sharp serrations and quilted - the veins were depressed (did I just set myself up for another joke? LOL.) The petioles, stipules and young stems were red and there were large but very few prickles. Does this sound like a hybrid china? The size of the shrub (about head high) and the large bloom and strong scent does not seem to fit the description of a typical china. Maybe a tea???

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Hybrid Chinas are part China. Yours doesn't look like a pure China or a Tea, there is definite European influence.

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Did you find it recently? What I'm getting at is, is it blooming NOW (which would probably make it a remontant rose)? If you took the photo in May or June, it might be a once-bloomer.

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linrose(6b KY)

Yes this rose is blooming now,I took this photo last week. Not a full flush, just a few blooms but then again it was sandwiched in with nasturtiums, fuchias, another smaller pompom type rose and probably lots of other things all growing happily on a white picket fence.

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