Rose Identification

garybeau(z6 CT)July 3, 2006

I need some help identifying this rose. I took a cutting from a plant that was on a vacant lot up the street from me. There use to be a farm house there about 50-60 years ago and this rose bush was nestled up against a maple tree that looks to be at least 150 years old. I'm not sure exactly how old this rose is, but it must be pretty hardy to have survived all these years without any care. The rose grew 8' canes the first year and went into bloom the second year (this year) at the end of June. My first guess was that it might be a Cecile Brunner, but after looking at a lot of pictures, this rose looks a little darker pink and the mature flower looks more open. It has a mild fragrance and the flowers are about 1-1/2 inches across.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a link that might be useful: Rose photos

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

Doesn't look like Cecile Bruner. What about Super Dorothy?

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Thats good ol' 'Dorothy Perkins'.

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garybeau(z6 CT)

Thanks "trospero",
Dorothy Perkins does seem to be a close match. One of the clinchers is the lower branches on mine have mildew on the hips as you can see in some of the pictures. I thought it was due to the wet June that we had here in CT, but it seems to be a trait of Dorothy Perkins. The only nagging question I have is mine seem to open flat showing the yellow center of the rose while most of the pictures I looked at all show a more closed look. Are both normal for this rose?
Thanks again,

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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

are the little flower stems smooth or do they have
tiny reddish 'hairs'? (DPs are smooth)
what color are the new shoots?
Also, the foliage looks more blunt than DPs.
I have a rambler exactly like yours that we have
been unable to ID so far.


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neroseman(6b NewEngland)

I doubt that it's 'Dorothy Perkins'. The foliage & flower form are rather different IMO. And 'DP' is non-fragrant except for about a half hour after opening.

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Might the one you can't i.d. in that last photo be The Fairy?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Fairy

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The Fairy wouldn't throw out 8' canes. The photo in the middle does look like Dorothy Perkins. Can't be much more help than that because I have not seen DP up close for years -- I just see it and Excelsa blooming all along the roadsides every spring.

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