My mystery rose

cindy_q(z7b NC)July 16, 2006

I bought this beautiful rose standard at Lowe's a few months ago and i'd love it if someone could ID it. It does repeat bloom although not heavily just sporadically all summer. The blooms are a beautiful light pink and they hang on for a few days and do self clean. The foliage is a very healthy glossy green and it is currently sending out canes like mad. I don't have any good pics of the blooms but perhaps some of you can ID it with what I do have...?

Any ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: My mystery rose

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rose_r_red(z6 or 5?)

When your rose standard first blooms does it look like this? I think it kind of looks like a faded baby blanket bloom.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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cindy_q(z7b NC)

That looks like it. But what i've read on HMF says that the blooms are 3". Mine are 1 1/2" to 2" at best can they always be smaller then the norm? I've added a few more pics of a bloom that opened today. Thanks Rose Red for responding i've been wondering what this rose is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same link as above just a few more pics

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rose_r_red(z6 or 5?)

I think either they have the bloom size wrong or maybe a couple other reasons, ie, mine is young, planted this year, they might get bigger as the plant matures. It also could be the weather as it has been very hot for this time of year lately. Heres a picture of one of mine with a tape measure. It looks a lot like yours, hopefully it will help.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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cindy_q(z7b NC)

Thank you Rose red. I do have a few questions about your baby blanket since all of the pics I see of baby blanket focus primarily on the blooms.

Does yours have red new growth? and does it send out great long canes about 4 feet in length that weep? Mine is getting to be huge, much bigger then I expected when I bought it.

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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

I also have Baby Blanket in a standard and a ground cover bush. The new growth is red. I don't get the great long 4' canes. The one thing I've noticed about both of my BB's is that as the bush blooms you will see many different shades of pink. The new buds are quite pink, then the newly opened blooms are a classic light pink, and finally once the bloom has been open awhile it is very light, almost white. The blooms last a really long time and most of the blooms never really blow...I end up deadheading them because they've turned brown with age. Very heavy bloomer...always has at least a dozen or more blooms on the standard and the ground cover.

I compared the foliage in your picture. One difference I see is that the leaves on your bush are larger in comparison to mine. My BB's have smaller leaves and most of the leaves are not as big width/lengthwise in comparison to the bloom. Not sure that I'm making myself clear...

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cindy_q(z7b NC)

See thats what throws me. The blooms look dead on, size, shape and especially the color variation from bright pink buds to classic light pink when first opening to fading to an almost white after a few days. But the foliage...
From what I can see of others BB, their foliage seems smaller then mine and its seems to remain more compact then mine. Mine is sprawling and although I think its just gorgeous I don't know who would think it would make a good standard on such a short stem/trunk. The canes are so long they are trailing on the ground at least 2 feet in all directions.

Also puzzling to me is that it is sending out some newer canes that are much thicker with brighter red new growth, they also stand straight up until they get so long they start to fall over unlike the other canes that just weep from the beginning. That may just have to do with them being thicker though. These new canes have bigger leaves and for awhile I thought that the root stock it was grafted onto might be throwing its own canes especially when the canes were new and stood straight up it was so odd looking, i'm too new to roses to know for sure but it looks like the new canes are coming from above the bud union not below so I thought it might be ok, although what do I know. I am waiting now for the first bud to open on one of these newer canes to see if its the same flower or not. But these new canes are much thicker and longer then what it had when I bought it. Looks like 2 different bushes meshed together....

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rose_r_red(z6 or 5?)


I am not the most experienced gardener here, but mine dont have the super long canes like what you described. All of its canes tend to hold themselves up and grow outward. None droop down or have long, flexible, rambler like, canes. Its new growth is redish, about the same as any other roses new growth. If the growth on yours is really red, and or, abnormal, (bumpy, wrinkly, or dont turn green) maybe you should post a picture of that growth in the main rose forum. The reason I say that is because some of those gardeners have a lot more experience than I do, and I wonder if the reason your rose is growing in a strange way is like what happened to my flower carpet rose (white). It wasnt a standard, but it did have garish red growth and the leaves were bigger, longer and more pointy than the actual rose leaves. I ended up tossing it out because it only got worse, and now, I worry it might have been diseased.

Looking at your rose, I would say it is a baby blanket standard, plus I know Lowes does sell J&P rose standards, including baby blanket, the part that throws me is the odd growth. I dont have enough experience to say for sure what I think might be causing the strange growth, your best bet would be post a picture of the strange growth in the main forum and let some of the rosearians take a look at it. They would know better than I do what might be causing it to grow like that.

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