Red Chili Pepper ID please

mikey33(5b Ont.)October 9, 2010

Hello all. My sister recently got some HOT chilis from a friend. The bush is about 5 feet high. She is using compost as a substrate and it is in a planter. She got it on sale at a nursery and it didn''t have a tag. Someone said it was a Hungarian chili or paprika. But this is VERY hot to me, and I am used to eating spicy. (Much hotter than a jalapeno)

Any guesses. Much appreciated.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What does the rest of the stem look like?
How long is the stem and how did these peppers hang?

The pods look longer than my Arbol chiles, and not as curved.

Maybe a slim type of Cayenne?


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My guess would be Cayenne. Although my cayenne plant only grew just over a foot tall but it bushed out laterally quite nice. I guess there are different types, but those peppers look just like the ones i have. Yeah and they are HOTTER then Jalapeno for sure.

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At a glance, I would say cayenne. Get those puppies drying!

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Thai red most likely

just a guess

thanks joe

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

looks just like my slim cheyenne!

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Looks just like my cayenne peppers from last year. Plant was only about 3 ft tall, but I didn't use any compost or anything. Definitely get those bad boys drying. Making cayenne powder is my favorite.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pepper Guy's Garden

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mikey33(5b Ont.)

Thanks for your responses. It does look like cayenne to me now that you guys say so. Greenman...I canôt answer your questions as to how long the stem was, as I have never seen the plant.
Cheers and thanks for the responses, Mikey

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