Rose variety in American Beauty film

Saintin(Brisbane)August 20, 2005


I saw American Beauty again this weekend and was wondering what variety of red rose was used in the film. It looked like a hybrid tea and it didn't seem to grow too tall, only 1.2m (4 feet) I'm guessing, by the fence. It was a very clear intense red too.

Thanks to anyone who can satiate my curiosity as I would love to grow this rose!


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Sophie Wheeler

Fake silk ones.

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madspinner(z7 WA skagit)

hee hee... reminds me of when I was watching the show on PBS "Mystery" when they were doing the Cadfael series. One of the episodes is called "the Rose Rent", which is quite a good one. Oh but the horror of it when I realized that the rose bush was a VERY fake one... plastic and fabric all. Sigh. Once spotted it is hard to ignore, and plastic never looks good in a medieval context.

Forgive my ignorance, since I am more an antique rose person than a HT person, but isn't the rose in American Beauty supposed to be the rose "American Beauty"?

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No, the real American Beauty is a deep pink hybrid perpetual. The roses in the film were deep red hybrid teas, but I also think they were probably silk. Here is a photo of Annette Bening with the roses. I think it looks a little like Ingrid Bergman but I think they are fake. The roses used in the petal scenes, and the single stem in the promo shots, are probably all some florist variety (if they aren't also silk).

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