Peach Colored OGR or Austin or Delbard?

SoFL Rose z10August 5, 2013

HI All,
I purchased this rose from Cool Roses at their annual summer sale for $10. It was not marked so they were unable to tell me the name of it. And it's been a pretty good performer so I'd really like to know what it could be. It has very pretty 3-4in peach/apricot colored blooms that open almost quartered and very flat. It also has a very nice fragrance a fruity but very distinct rose scent. The bush is somewhat of a slow grower not too vigorous or tall (about 3 feet thus far) and the flowers are borne one to a stem. If anyone can ID this rose I'd be thrilled. I looked it up and it almost looks like it could be The Shepherdess rose, an Austin. But that rose patent must be expired in order for it to be that one because they had all their Austin Roses well marked and organized.
I thought maybe it could be a Delbard rose because it was grouped with other Delbards like Dames de Chenonceau which I also bought. Or maybe an Old Garden rose because they had those near by too.
Any suggestions would be very welcomed.

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seil zone 6b MI

It looks a little like Evelyn to me.

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IMHO it's not The Shepherdess.

The color is similar to Evelyn, however it doesn't look like it has enough petals for Evelyn.

The Austins often bloom in clusters, so if it blooms one to a stem, I'd wonder if it could be another type of rose...

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SoFL Rose z10

It does bloom on per stem (thus far).
I did some research and it looks to me like it could be Ambridge rose. But something tells me its not an Austin at all. It could be an Austin but it would have to be one where the patent has expired. It really looks like the pics of Ambridge I see online but it does not bloom in clusters, at least it hasn't yet.

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