IMPORTANT! Please help - Is this rose Conrad Ferdinand Meyer?

AndrewBarocco(9)August 7, 2013

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could tell me what this rose is. The reason it's important is because I am using it in my breeding program to increase the genetic diversity of my seedlings and as a breeder, knowing a rose's parentage is very important. I know one picture isn't much, but I can tell you it is definitely a Hybrid Rugosa, as this has the characteristic rugose foliage but not quite a purebred rugosa. The blooms are all double or very double, have a strong almost "Fruity Pebbles" fragrance. I thought it might be Therese Bugnet but it is not because this rose is very thorny.

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Andrew, I have a Therese Bugnet with older canes that have gigantic thorns. The very new canes do not. The blooms on my rose have about twice as many petals as your photo.

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Thanks for your comment zelda77. I just went ahead and listed it on my tags as Conrad Ferdinand Meyer. Maybe I'll know for sure one day.

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