Hen & Chicks Addiction!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoJune 3, 2009

Hi all,

Many of you know IÂm way into collecting different varieties of SempsÂbut IÂm not looking for a 12-step program for my addiction! As a matter of fact, IÂm enjoying it so much that I want to recruit more of you and have you join me in the fun! IÂm constantly amazed by the wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Before I got into them, I always thought hen & chicks were plain green, very ordinary looking things. TheyÂre not, and I got some good pictures in this last batch I downloaded, so IÂm gonna see how many of you I can get hooked!


Come play with me!


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I love them too!! Most of ones I have are from the same hen, but I did buy a few interesting ones last year at Lowes. I think only one lived...

I also love the idea that they can grow on a roof!!

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Me too! Can't say I'm addicted but I am crazy about taking the chicks and moving them about. They sure are cute when they are little.

I only have two kinds, the ones you gave me, which look like picture #5 and the ones that were here when we got here and look like picture #3 or the last picture, bottom right. Hard to say!

I've got little startlettes all over the place. They are fun to pull out too. "Pop" and then they go right in the ground!

I sure would love some of the furry one or some of the first one, with the rosy centers.

I started some of my unknown variety for the fall swap. I think I started four or five.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Well, in addition to the ones I posted in my Devo planter, I also have these three from Skybird:

The deer ate the "Mom" on this one over the winter, but the babies are coming along nicely.

I think my favorite out of the ones you posted is the 2nd to the last photo. They remind me of Dahlia blooms, and I think I may have that one in my planter. I also really like that 1st one, which I'm pretty sure I don't already have. Oh, and the one I have that I thought was Cobweb is actually the one 2 pictures before it, and it seems like you called it Icicle, but I could be mistaken on that. So I guess Cobweb is another one I need to add to my collection, LOL.

I wintersowed some sempervivum seed from T & M called 'New American Hybrids' and I only got two sprouts to germinate, and so far, they are both green. They're still smaller than a pencil eraser though, so maybe they'll have more color when they get bigger.


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Interesting. Didn't know of the many colors. They are the only thing that will grow around my house because of all the elm tree roots. If it doesn't rain for months, they just hang in there.

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glok(z 4/5 CO)

I love them too. My grams had them and lots of peonies when I was a kid. Now that we have our own home, I've started collecting both! I have no where near the colors and varieties you have, but I'm working on it! As soon as the landscape guys are done, I'll get more as I find them!


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I have a chicks addiction...Oh, wait.

In Seattle, it is no longer OK to mine basalt to hold back your hill, but in the old days it was, and folk would tuck in these wherever there was a crack. I used to love walking thru Wallingford just to see the variety of Hens and Chicks in a single block. One of the things that made the lack of sun OK.


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Sempervivums are adorable! I want more....

I have the ones that skybird brought to the plant exchange. They are growing in a sunny windowsill. I'm afraid to put them outside until I find a way to protect them from the predators.

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

I would love more hens & chicks, but the squirrels seem to love mine the best. I have two neighbors that have tons and tons of them that get left alone; I have 1 that they would chew down to nubs. I keep it under chicken wire, which ruins the look...


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I only have the two kinds and I can't remember exactly which they are!

Here is a cute pic of the littlest ones with tiny buds forming at their bases. I put the small buds in the ground last year, after taking them from bigger plants.

Aren't they just adorable!? The littlest red one is about half an inch, the bigger red ones about an inch and the bright green ones about two inches.


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I had to post these pictures. This is actually my neighbor's but we've been calling it "the Martian". From Tales of a Transplanted Gardener From Tales of a Transplanted Gardener

She recently moved her hens & chicks to her new front garden. Shortly after, this one started to grow some "antennae". It started to bloom the day they left for vacation. I hope it's still blooming when they get back so she can see it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tales of a Transplanted Gardener

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

We have a lot of them on the roof,,I love the cob web but they do not seem as hardy in our area..LOl or it could be they are on the roof with all the other sedums.I have noticed we seem to get a certain amount of die off.Perhaps it is the limited soils .This year I have moss trying to move in on the roof garden which is kind of odd..
Just wondering if others have had their hens,chicks and other sedums lagging behind a bit this year,, ours are pretty slow for some reason..

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Hi gardenbutt

Can you post of a picture of your roof?


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I second that request, Gardenbutt!!! That would be something to see :)


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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

I really need to get an album done and on line.Here is one of the online pics from the magazine shoot at the house a couple of years ago.It has filled out quite a bit since this was taken.We finally figured out part of our problem with the slow take off this year, the dang wild turkeys!!!Last year it was very full when it was filmed for worlds greenest homes.I believe they also have a good picture in their you tube think it is here..It shows the majority of the roof and the designs incorporated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Natural homes

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