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david52_gwJune 8, 2009

Colorado residents will be familiar with the take off on the State license plate, green and white, mountains in the back, with the word "Native". Then you get your "semi-native" "Ski Season Native" and so on.

Today I saw one: "Invasive Species"

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

LOL! Did it look like something on the Colorado A List? Must eradicate! Wonder if there's one around that says: Noxious Weed!


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That's great, David! LOL

I've been up here more than 40 years. Mom was born in Idaho. However, I was born in California and after spending my growing-up time in Oregon - returned to the CA coast before moving here.

For many in this neck of the woods, I'm not just a Californian (I've had people tell me that I'm obviously a Californian), I'm a d**n Californian!

And yet, if the resident isn't one of the few natives, and not a Californian, he/she is from the upper Midwest. And, young people? They'll probably leave . . .

Steve's digits

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"Today I saw one: "Invasive Species" "

I wonder if they had 10 children....!? Yikes! 20 dogs?

I still like the "Transplant" one....

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Funny, but when I was a native californian and much younger, I made a big stink about being native and all that. I think we only tend to go back 3 or so generations, then it doesn't matter where anyone came from. I now have an attitude that likes the idea of finding the right spot. We move for many reasons, some of which are weather, employment, education or to be with someone.

I do like the idea of the invasive species sticker; that really makes me giggle!!

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Humans do seem to be invasive out here.


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