Best Edible Rose +Will grow in Pot, only Morning sun in West LA?

luvdaytimeactivitiesOctober 7, 2010

What is the most delicious tasting Rose Petal; and a strong flavor, not a faint delicate one( + maybe also a -refreshing- flavor)? Does anyone know where I can buy an organic plant near me in West LA/ Santa Monica( preferably 1 that is flowering or will flower soon)? Also happy to find out about online places, but prefer in person.

Which variety will flower generously in a pot, and be hard for a novice to kill, on an east facing balcony in West LA that only gets direct light from early morning til 10:45am, then indirect for rest of day( and there are places on the balcony which can be almost entirely shade if that is better). There will of course be a little less sun in the winter.

I believe that traditionally its the tiny light pink, almost coral/peach, colored ones that were used in the Middle East, but I find myself more attracted to the larger rose petals as their hardier and more generous texture seems more satisfying and more sustaining nutritionally.

I have no experience growing roses, though have had good success in the gardening I have done( have grown some potted herbs and ornamentals, plus citrus trees from seed; am currently trying Pitaya/ Dragon Fruit but don't know well how it will do).

Is this the best rose forum to get the answer to these questions?

Thank you so much!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Diana, the stronger smelling the rose the more flavorful the jelly so you want to look up the most fragrant roses and go to your local nursery to do the sniff test. I've only been growing roses since 2009 and I kill other plants by accident if they are not roses, haha- for the life of me I cannot grow any plant indoors!! But roses, bless them (I have 23) they have been able to flourish so long as I feed them sea tea and make sure they are well watered if they grow in pots. (Potted roses require far more watering than ground raised roses) Hybrid teas can grow real well in a pot but you have to get a very strong scented rose. Teas and some of the antique roses get too large. Help Me Find is a great way to check for sizes. Another thing, most hybrid teas are bred for form and color and not for scent. I refuse to grow anything without scent. So go to your local nursery and look for the strongest scented rose that you can find.. You are in California so that is a great thing, you won't struggle with Blackspot like we do in the rainy Midwest, lol! Organics should be easy for you! Mine is all organics but only the strongest will be able to survive. Unfortunately, most nurseries plaster their roses with insectides, but don't let that stop you from purchasing a rose. It is far more crucial how you raise and care for that rose. As long as you stick with the organics that is far more important.

By the way, you want the darker color petals for a deeper hue of jelly. Lincolns and Fragrant Cloud I've used for my rose jelly. Very delicious...use jelly for sweet spreads and cake, but I've also used rose jelly for savory dishes like pork loin (part of the glaze) and for red meats.
Rose jelly goes real well with marzipan fillings and you can use port wine with rose jelly as well. You can also create hot sauces with the rose jelly. Many, many uses.
I watch a lot of gourmet cooking shows so the list goes on and on and on. Have fun! :)

Oops, Lincolns will get too tall in a pot but if you get them as an own root they will stay at a manageable size. Good own-root vendors are Long Ago Roses and Roses Unlimited. Long Ago Roses however are far more organic....

Oops, just noticed your other problem, roses require a lot of sun to bloom more! the ones that are more tolerant of shade cannot do well in a pot. They are way too large (hybrid musks some of the antiques) and most shade-tolerant roses also have far smaller petals as well. It's tradeoffs...Maybe you can move your pots around each time the sun pattern shifts?

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