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ilmbgNovember 4, 2007

I live in San Antonio, Texas in the winter. I will be moving- possibly towards Austin or Bastrop area. I have grown a couple of roses- from local garden centers- Calloways, and they have done well.I am too new to know about other varieties. I like the 'basic' roses- Don Juan,Elizabeth,Lincoln- these I have grown in Florida and Michigan. How will roses do in SA/Austin area? I would like something similiar to Don Juan- a fast climber-lots of flowers. I would like more fragrance. What do you suggest? Where is the best place to buy- local gardens, or order? Will it be as easy to grow them in Texas, as it was in Florida? Texas is more alkaline/rocky. It will take me months to read all the great posts here. Thank you.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Try posting this question over on the main "Roses Forum". In that post, also note if you want to grow plants that are disease resistant and do not require treatment with a fungicide. There are a few folks from Texas who can give you great info on what they grow (a lot) and how to grow them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses Forum

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& you can post on the Texas Forum, too.

Best luck!

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you will find a wealth of info at Antique Rose Emporium website, and they are in Texas. have been very happy and learned alot on that site. Also why don't you do a search on Earthkind roses? Those are easy to grow, disease resistant, earth friendly. Interesting how folks can participate in their trials.
I believe their is another old garden rose mail order dealer in Texas. Just do a google search for antique roses or old garden roses and you'll find alot. Those are the roses I think that would do very well in Texas and throughout the south. Main difference between Texas and Florida, I think, is less humidity in Texas, and likely less rainfall (unless coastal Texas). Depending on where in Texas, winters will definitely be colder.

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