Big, Fat Pink Rose??? Name(s) pls!

amelie325(6b)August 5, 2013

Hi all!
There is a lovely little rose garden located in a nearby park--with no labels! Argh! So, I took cuttings of this beautiful, fat, totally packed with petals rose (1 rooted...but 1 is enough, for this year :) ). Some info: It balls like crazy! And with this heavy rainy weather, I can't seem to get a good pic. Finally went back last week and found some that weren't balled to hell. It smells lovely! Not heavy, though. No musk smell, rather a medium old rose? (So subjective, I know!). Moderate, I'd say...but again that could be influenced by the weather. Here are some pics: (the ones with white background are from a few days ago, the others from about 3 weeks ago). The flower is nearly as "deep" as it is wide! When buds, they are very fat. And when I finally saw one mostly open, it was a good 3-4" wide. Also, petal count for the one on the white background is over 70 :) Of course, I had an exact number, but in my fervor to photograph the petals, I forgot. As for height, it seems to be regularly pruned, the forth pic down is about head height for me (I'm 5'7") and about half that wide...more of a grandiflora shape?

Natural light:

Bathroom light:

I feel like what it is is staring me right in the face, I'm just to close to figure it out, lol!

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The balled blooms and pics remind me of Auguste Renoir.

Here is a link that might be useful: Auguste Renoir at Helpmefind

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Oh wow, thanks krista! If that's not it, it's damn near its twin :) It really is a lovely looking rose.

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If you like Meilland roses, you might like Yves Piaget. It has wonderful fragrance and color; it doesn't ball in my garden setting.

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Thanks krisa, I've never considered Meilland roses (not bc I don't like them, but they just haven't been on my rose radar!). But they are beautiful roses :)

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Campanula UK Z8

um, I am hopeless at rose id....but this looks awfully like a setigera hybrid (I have Tolstoi and Baltimore Belle) - the balling, the shape of leaves and petals.........although would expect someone to chime in with a more educated guess, especially since the setigeras tend to climb.....a lot.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Auguste Renoir I remember having a stunning old rose fragrance, one of the best of the best for fragrance. The balling sent it to the dump.

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porkpal zone 9 Tx

It reminds me of Belinda's Dream except darker pink than mine.

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U thought Renoir also from that side view it balls like that

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hoovb, I thought it smelt nice earlier in the season, but for the past few weeks there's a strange underlying scent (beneath a still pleasant odor)...almost like rotten earth. Somewhat vaguely unpleasant.

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