big bug bites on my legs

richsdJune 13, 2013

Hi memebers, I was visiting my brother in east Aurora last week. I was weeding his yard. I came came down with two, huge bites on my right leg. It wasn't an animal (I would have noticed that), but likely a spider or similar creature. The sore is an inch dia. and swollen to at least 6" dia. Any ideas?

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I'm guessing spider, but who knows!

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No-see-ums. Also called biting gnats and midges. Tiny nearly transparant gnats. June is their time of year. they are nearly impossible to see, love to crawl into your hair, down your shirt collar or just bite anywhere handy. they make a large hard welt that itches like crazy.

I have good luck with Deep woods Off. I also make my own less yucky repellent by putting a couple of drops of lavender oil in the palm of my hand, then adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol. I rub this on my face, neck,ears and other exposed areas. Don't forget around your collar. this works long enough to protect you while doing a short job in the garden without making you have to shower to wash off the DEET.

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