Ebb Tide compared to Twilight Zone

kingcobbtx9bMay 10, 2013

Some people have been curious how my twilight zone compares to my Ebb Tide. The Twilight Zone definitely has bigger blooms and lasts longer, but the Ebb tide has a great deal more blooms. Whereas my Twilight zone will bloom 3-4 large blooms together, my ebb tide blooms in bunches of 15 to 20 to as many as 40 all together.

1st pic is Twilight Zone, sorry it is only pic I have the schedule lately hasn't allowed me to take a pic with multiple blooms in the same shot.

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and here is the pic I posted the other day of my Ebb Tide. Note, there are two more bunches on this one bush that have between 15 and 30 buds/blooms each on them that you can't see.

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