Grandma's Rose Bush

firethorn(Zone 4 MN)August 26, 2005

I've been helping a friend fix up her yard. It's been neglected for many years, but it was Grandma's so I'm trying to save these plants.

One of them is what they are calling a Chinese Rose Bush. I've never heard of this, is there any such thing? It looks nothing like a rose bush to me, it doesn't even have thorns. But...I grow hostas and I know nothing about roses.

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Well, there is a class of rose called China Roses, I suspect that what you have isn't really a rose at all. Do you have any photos? If not, could you describe the flowers, leaves, and plant in more detail?

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

You know, now that I've looked at the bush longer, I'm sure that it isn't a rose bush. It's got smooth, light green leaves shaped like those on a burning bush, it doesn't have thorns, and I've been watching it all summer and it hasn't even put out buds. Thanks for helping anyways!

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Firethorn, there are some roses that are thornless or almost thornless. And also some that only bloom once - in the spring or early summer. Photos would help.

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

Serious? Crazy! I admire you rose people. This confuses me.

I'll go and get a photo ASAP.

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