Anyone use Pyola or Bulls-Eye?

kmickleson(z9 CA)December 4, 2002

Don't know if it's allowed to mention particular products here, but I'm trying to find someone who's used the products from Gardens Alive called:

Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide,

Pyola Insecticidal Spray, and/or


They sound good, but I'd like to hear from folk who've actually used them.



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I tried pyola. I don't think it killed a *(^$#% thing! :(

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Zanne(S/E, KY (z6))

I got Bulls-Eye from someone for Christmas, and if I get really mad this year, I'll use it. However I'm still worried about harming something who eats a bug sprayed with this stuff. (I have a large herd of chickens). Their nematodes however, are the best I've ever found. Haven't found the same strain for a better price. Oh, and their rose food was great, it's just real expensive for me with the shipping. I might get some anyway, as I don't have organic rose food or anything else except bone meal available in any garden/feed/whatever stores around here. Potassium in organic form is very hard to come by, and my soil needs it, along with the Phosphorus and some Nitrogen. I suppose I could get kelp and mix it with bone meal, but it cost about the same to get the kelp shipped as the whole fertilizer.

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vics_gardenkeeper(7b AL)

I'm using Bulls-Eye and Soap Shield and like them both, They're obviously not as effective as mega toxis stuff but I'm pleased with the degree of effectiveness v. impacts on the rest of the garden. I'm a huge butterfly fan. I've been using various GA products for 12 years and have really been pleased.

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mdryja(z7b WA)

My feeling overall with Gardens Alive! products is that they're good, but expensive. However, once you buy one thing from them, you get on the mailing list, and their periodic sales makes things very affordable. There was a sale earlier this spring with most fertilizers 15% off, plus I get a $20 off coupon if you spend at least $50, and I have the organic club membership for an extra 10% off. Made everything cheaper than buying stuff at the store!

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vics_gardenkeeper(7b AL)

Good point about the initial price tag. We buy twice a year and you're pretty much guaranteed to see that $20 off coupon in their catalogues so as long as you're buying in bulk it's doable.

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trant(z6 NY)

I just purchased Pyola... I'll let ya know if it works or not :P

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jepper(z5 indiana)

Trant, curious if Pyola was effective in your opinion?

I'm considering using it this season.

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I have used Pyola. It is nearly 100% canola oil. It is a contact spray that smothers insects. It is expensive. I recommend going to your local supermarket and buying canola or other cooking oil. Mix 2 tsp oil with 1 tsp liquid dish soap and 1/2 gal water. This will make a 1% solution which can be sprayed on plants. Bulls-eye is an entirely different kind of product. It is a bacteria which upsets the digestive system of certain kinds of insects and they starve to death within 48 hours. The price at Gardens Alive is a fair price for this bacteria.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Pyola is canola oil plus pyrethrins, an effective contact insecticide. It has no effect on insects that aren't sprayed directly, such as marauding beetles and katydids. It will kill other insects and mites if it is sprayed thoroughly where they are.

I have a product containing spinosad, like Bullseye, but I haven't needed to use any insecticide beyond soap this year. It has been trialed for thrips, caterpillars, and sawfly larvae, so there shouldn't be any problem with its effectiveness. It has a good environmental and hazard profile. Unlike Pyola it has some residual effect as a stomach poison for chewing insects.

I have used Soap Shield and it is an effective broad-spectrum fungicide. However, copper products are somewhat hazardous. For routine use, I prefer sulfur, even though it is not as effective.

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How many plants are you garden friends spraying? I would like to use organic,but I have 6 summer squash(not to many)with 10 spaghetti squash,3 winter squash and 32 Watermelons.You can see there are 51 plants to try and keep them off.They are the only pest that do much damage in the garden.I just don't know if these products(PYOLA,BULLSEYE)WOULD DO THE JOB? And I will tell you I have swarms of them here in TN.

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I Have received Pyola and Soap Shield and have used the Pyola on a few roses to hopefully control aphids. I was wondering if it might be OK to mix the Pyola and soap Shield in one applicator.
Any Thoughts?

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Thank you Michael--

Yes it has pyrethrins and if you read the lable it says you should be just as covered up as if you were using an Ortho insecticide.

I have not found that the Pyola works and now I know why. It has to make contact with the insect. Consequently, that's why I sprayed healthy leaves one day and found them eaten the next.


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I love Pyola! I use it for any insect problems. It kills sawfly larvae on my Mugo pine (I love hearing the nasty things fall to the ground), pear slugs and other caterpillars, aphids,etc. on my climbing and mini roses, and bean beetles on my beans. I had such a bad infestation several years ago on my beans, and after spraying with Pyola, found handfuls of dead beetles under the plants. It also works well for tomato hornworms (as long as the worms are under 4", over that, use 'em for bait.) My edamames were infested with aphids today, I sprayed them with Pyola and so far they're dead. The aphid farmer ants are not happy!

I have not seen any damage to flowers, though I would not spray above 85 F.

GA takes good care of me with their $20 off coupons.

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Pyrethrins are broad spectrum poisosn that will kill any insect it contacts whether good, bad, or indifferent and the Canola Oil will coat any insect it contacts and smother it. This is a last resort product to use if all else fails and something needs to be done to have a harvest.
Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide is a Spinosad product that the OMRI has serious reservations abut. It too is a broad spectrum poison that will kill insects good, bad, or indifferent.
Soap-Shield is a copper/soap fungicide that might be needed if your plants are seriously affected by a fungus infection.
The best way to control insect pests and plant diseases is to make sure your soil is food and healthy so it will grow strong and healthy plants that will beter resist pests and diseases.

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