Coronado Hyssops.......wilting!

mollybeeJune 30, 2010

Need some advice - I live at 10,000 in decomposed granite. :-(

I dig down in my flower beds and add garden soil to try and help the situation - but I got a Coronado Hyssop about a month ago and it looks wilted and mad! I know they aren't supposed to like a lot of water so I've been careful. I did water it every day (lightly) for a few days just so it could get established and now I skip around it - but no matter what it's wilted and a few little pieces have dried up altogether enough that I've trimmed it.

What do you think?

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treebarb Z5 Denver

I think they don't need a lot of water once they're established, but maybe yours isn't yet. Give it a good drink and check it again in 3 days, finger in the soil up to the 2nd knuckle test near the plant. I planted a couple in the fall and lost them. I replanted 3 this year, not all Coronado. I watered them deeply twice a week for the first few weeks and am gradually backing off to once a week now. Give that a try.

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Dan Staley

Water all plants adequately until established, no matter their needs at maturity.


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