what rose?

auntyeverlastingSeptember 6, 2010

There does not seem to be much activity on the Roses in Oz forum, so I will give it a try here.... I have searched through forums, magazines, books, but the lists are endless!

This is the first of my roses to bloom. We moved into our house (in Australia) a year ago, there were a number of neglected roses as well as a few dead ones. I have pruned them and loved them but don't know what any are other than the few I replaced with bare-root roses a couple of months ago.

This rose bush gets LOADS of blooms. They don't have a scent. The bush is big, the biggest of all the one's I have here, it stands over a meter tall I guess.

Any ideas?


Aunty E

Image link:

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That lighting of the photo makes the rose look more peach than it really is. It has a slight peach tint but it is really a rich creamy colour.

Any ideas?

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Ok, day two of the rose and giving it another sniff I guess it does have a light 'rose' perfume. Not strong at all.

The centre is quite yellow now it has opened a little more.

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I have been searching trying to find what this is and the one that looks the closest is the Apricot Nectar rose... anyone know it?

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