Id help for these two red HTs

greensingh(z6b south jersey)September 4, 2006


The first one is a 5-6 year old bush which is around 4 feet tall. The red flowers later take on a reddish pink hue. There is a slight rose scent initially which disappears later on. The leaves are not glossy. Flowers are sometimes in clusters of 3-4.

Rose 1 Flower

Rose 1 Flower 2

Rose 1 Bush

The second one is a 2 year old bush which is around 2.5 feet tall. Flowers are a deep red and larger then the first one. The blooms maintain form longer. The leaves are quiet glossy. There is no scent. This one was a bareroot from a box store and was labelled (Uncle Joe / Torro).

Rose 2 Bush

Rose 2 Flower 1

Rose 2 Flower 2



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TIA, Just wondering, why do you think the second rose is not Uncle Joe/Torro. It certainly looks like it was correctly labled to me.

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greensingh(z6b south jersey)


I went on helpmefind and 2-3 pictures of Uncle Joe infact do look like the one I have. Thanks for replying.
The first one is still a mystery.


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