thank you skybird

sorie6(6b ok.)June 1, 2011

I'm sooo happy the ice plant I got from you is blooming!!! Thank you sooo much.I've been wanting it for a long time.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I'm glad you're getting a few flowers this year, Sorie! Just wait till next year!!! In a couple years when yours gets big enough, you can start giving little ones away too! It roots just like the sedums! Easy! I'm planning on getting a 'Gold Nugget' too! Same as the 'White Nugget', compact with nice dense foliage, and when the yellow one starts to spread enough, I'll be giving that away too. I love how "sparkly" the iceplant flowers are!

And I have a REALLY cool one with purple (lavender) flowers too! Got it at a swap in '09'ish! Larger foliage than most iceplants, and bigger flowers than most. Don't have a clue what species it is, but will be trying to identify it! By next spring it should be big enough to root a few of those too! Keep an eye out for it!

When it's blooming and bigger next year, show us some pics!


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