Please help ID this fragrant pinkish orange rose

angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)September 11, 2005

These roses grow in my bosses backyard, they are very fragrant, mostly pinkish with touches or peach & yellow.

bottom row roses

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

Being past midnight from a loooong day, I'll just do a quickie guess. In both colors and fragrance, it strongly ;-) resembles my yard's Granada blooms.


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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

Hi John: The leaves on these roses are a light green color.
They have kind of a floppy look to them...

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What is that yellow rose? Is that Graham Thomas?

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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

The peachy yellow rose is Jude The Obscure...... Love it!
The scent is to die for.

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Any chance it could be SUTTER'S GOLD with a heavier blush? The low petal count and floppy look kinda reminds me of it. I don't have it, so can't be sure. If it's an older rose, maybe possibly TALISMAN also. I recently got a baby ownroot TALISMAN from Vintage. Hasn't bloomed yet tho. But yours also looks like some of the photos I've seen of it.

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I had a similar rose that it took me three years to identify -- nobody on this forum could ever figure it out, but Gita at Vintage Garden finally ID'd it as Autumn.

Yours looks a little paler pinker, and like maybe the buds aren't that deep orangey red before they open. Those were distinguishing features for mine, as were the leaves. Some people here had guessed Talisman and Sutter's Gold, a few guessed some other rose that I've now forgotten the name of. My advice: send your photos to Gita; Vintage Gardens grows all of these roses and she can probably tell you.

I now have a new Autumn in my front yard. I'm really glad I got it ID'd and was able to purchase a plant from Vintage, because my parents sold the farm, all my cuttings of the original rose were killed by cane borers, and the old place is being turned into a WalMart so I would have never seen that rose again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Autumn

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pgraveolens(Sonoma County)

This sure looks like a member of the Talisman family to me: maybe President Herbert Hoover?

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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

I'm not sure what this rose is they all look close don't they, I have some hips from the bush and I am going to try to plant them to see if they grow. This rose reminds me of a rose my mom had when I was a little kid.... back in the 60's.

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not granada. granada's got more petals.

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President Herbert Hoover, that was the other one people guessed for my rose. Gita said the leaves were wrong for that one and it does not look like the mystery rose here to me, either. Some people also guessed Shot Silk but that one is more evenly pink: see here.

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minibot(z9bNorCA Sz16)

Dunno what the rose's name is but it looks just like one that grows (and is very old) outside my house in two places. I love it because it smells so wonderful and has so many colors. My roses also do not have as much pink as the Shot Silk rose and they look identical to your boss''s uncanny :-) The Autumn rose listed above as the mystery rose looks similar to it as well, but my roses aren't as vibrant in color sometimes. I wish it were still in bloom to show y'all. Well, I helped a whole heck of a lot, didn't I? Hopefully they'll find a match because I want an ID on my roses too and I suspect it's the same ID as the original one posted :-)


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