Rental home roses with pics, need ID/assistance

kjh9835(6 SouthernIN)September 15, 2008

They were blooming first of August and still are. I think there are two bushes planted in one spot. I didn't pay much attention while getting settled in so maybe one bloomed then the other or maybe they are both blooming for a long time? There are brown and yellow spots on some of the leaves (but not all). Some of the stems are 2-3 ft tall and old, brown dry (dead?) with no blooms while others are thick and green and about 4-5 foot tall, large enough around that I couldn't put my arms around it if I wanted to (too many thorns). Some of the canes that look dead did/do have blooms on the tips.

On the other side of the porch is yet another, no shrub there, just two long stems lying on the ground. This might be a climber that needs a trellis? When I pulled the weeds the other day, I saw old blooms that were white/cream.

Pics I had to take with my cell phone as the new computer is incompatible with the older digital camera so the quality isn't the greatest but at least a starting point.

Image link:

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kjh9835(6 SouthernIN)

Could not figure out how to post more than one picture. If possible please explain and I'll post more.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Go to and open an account (free and they don't SPAM). Follow the easy directions on creating an album, then upload your photos. When you are finished uploading, go into the album. Under each photo there will be 4 boxes. Click in the box marked "HTML Code", it will copy automatically. Then, come back here and paste that text into the "Message:" box here. You can click at the end of the line that is pasted in, hit the "Enter" key to add space, then go back and copy and paste in more photos until you are finished.

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kjh9835(6 SouthernIN)

Ok, that was easy enough...thank you!!!
The top pic is from the left of the house, only one faded white/cream bloom, this is possibly a climber that needs a trellis. There are two long canes lying on the ground.

Other pics are from the right of the house, all from the same rosebush which may be more than one planted together or different blooms on one bush. The bottom canes are short and appear dead but some of them have stems off of them that have blooms so I don't want to cut them off and not have blooms next year. Also not sure what the leaf damage is.

When do I cut them or Spring time? Do I need to treat the leaves (and with what? and what about food/fertilizer?

Thanks, kjh

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Its hard to tell from the pics but it looks like you definetly have a climbing rose. You need to clean out the dead wood from the bottom canes. The center of the rose should be open and you need to pick 3 or 4 strong thick canes to be the central leaders. Your rose will bloom next year even if you prune it. Pruning promotes more growth.
Your roses have black spot which is a fungus typical with roses. You can purchase an all purpose fungicide it will not kill the existing black spot but will keep it from spreading. Feed your roses now with a mix with water fert. specific for roses. You can cut dead out of roses all summer. But the main heavy prune should be in late winter just before spring.

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kjh9835(6 SouthernIN)

Thank you for your response. I did not know the center needed to be open. There are 6 tall canes in the bush that are the size of a broom handle or a bit larger. They appear dead but when you follow them to the tip, there are different sized shoots off the sides with blooms. Even some those shoots are brown most of the way to the end then all of a sudden they turn green with beautiful blooms. Over the weekend, I saw 3 new buds on the same bush so it must be a long bloomer of some sort.

There are other canes too but they have already been pruned sometime in the past but are still maybe 8" off the ground: can they be cut to the ground? I would then have a circle of only the central leaders.

The first pic is a different bush, base not very big but had the long cane lying on the ground. I have it tied up to the side of the house for now, going to get a trellis this week and get it secured and see what happens next year.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Don't do any hard pruning or fertilizing now. Too late in the season. Tie up the canes if you need to, and wait until late winter (early April) to do any pruning.

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