35 peppers to name! (Pictures Galore!)

redthreaddiy(6a MI)October 12, 2012

Hello all!

I gardened at a community garden this summer, and after the last day, gardeners are allowed to pick from plots that were abandoned. I collected several peppers, but many do not have names. I'd like to save seeds from a few if I can figure out what they are. I know they may not come true, as peppers cross quite easily, but I'd still like to know what I have. I plan on dehydrating everything, and it would be great to know what they are so I can look up recipes to use them in! I know that several of these are a long shot to ID, but maybe someone out there recognizes some of these like the back of their hand. I am happy to share seeds with anyone who helps out. Thanks so much!

1. I know that these are Cayenne peppers, most likely common. But, maybe the length will tell something different? Not sure!

2. It kind of looks like a cayenne... but I don't think it is. What a weird shape!

3. No idea:



6. Looks similar to 5, but is much smaller, and is a little different, not sure!

7. Didn't know if this was even worth posting, because there are a zillion red bells. Here it is anyways:

8. Super tiny pepper. Only one was left on the plant when harvesting! I have a lot of tiny peppers, but none shaped like this:

9. An orange Cayenne?

10. Orange Bhut Jolokia? I have red bhut jolokias, but haven't seen orange.

(Here are red bhut jolokias for comparison)

11. The plant I harvested these habaneros off of were all super small. Is it just a regular orange habanero, or are there varieties that produce only very small ones?

12. Yellow habaneros?

13. Some kind of banana pepper?

14. A fatter banana? No idea.

15. A large pepper!



18. My best guess is California Wonder. Thoughts?

19. Can't tell if this is a poblano, a bell pepper or what!

20. A nice red bell pepper (I know these are a long shot)

21. I thought this was an odd shade of green. It appears to be turning slightly orange or red.

22. Please tell me I have peach bhut jolokias here!

23. A smooth habanero? Have never seen them before. I think it might be an easy variety to ID though.

24. I am not sure if these are all from the same plant. The one on the top left looks kind of like a tomato!

25. I thought this was truly bizarre. There were several plants next to each other, and every single pepper was severely stressed. Is this a trait of a certain variety? I thought they looked amazing! I have never seen so many peppers with all of the same stress.

26. I believe these are all from the same plant, but I could be wrong:

27. May or may not be from the same plant. ahh!



30. A certain type of habanero? These all had some sort of point.

31. All of these habaneros, or whatever they are, didn't have a point, so I separated them.




35. I think the middle 2 look different than the outer two.

For larger images/more images of all of the peppers, here is a link to flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redthreaddiy/sets/72157631752935180/with/8080305207/

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#1: Regular Cayenne
#5: Cherry Bomb
#9: Yellow Cayenne - overripe?
#10: Bhut Jolokia, Red - mid-ripening
#11: Habanero, Orange - plant possibly stunted, poor soil?
#12: Habanero, Yellow (aka: Lemon)!
#13: Hungarian Wax - give it a taste!
#22: Bhut Jolokia, Peach - for sure!
#23: Habanero "Red Savina"
#31: Scotch Bonnets, Red
#35: More Hungarian Wax?

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1 cayenne or Kung Pao
2 serrano
5 cherry
8 pequin
19 - poblano, but taste will tell
22 looks like a fatali to me
32-33 looks like a pimento

with a whole lot of chinenses thrown in the mix.

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25..vesena pepper, aka "elephant/elefant pepper" aka a bunch of other stuff.

you don't see that one traded around too much...or for sale in many places.

kinda mild/hot.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Thank you all so much for ideas so far! would any of you like me to send you some seeds? Would be more than happy to of anything you see!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Hey, get into the seed exchange. You have at least one authoritatively identified rarity, #25. Make 10 piles of seeds and send to Canada. (Huh? Why? They can't grow peppers on the tundra, can they?)


And next time, label the bloody things.

I'd like to know how you came by such interesting peps without knowing what they are? (Great pics, btw.)


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5 cherry pepper
8 piquien pepper
9 thai
10 those orange would have turned red
11 those red bhut jalokia look like naga morich. they dont look like BHUt because no wrinkled, pitted skin
15 poblano
17 italian roasters
22 naga morich
30 trinidad scorpions

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Oh and those peppers in number 25 arent stressed, they are just amazingly corked. all my cayeenes and jalapenos cork right before they turn red. look up the word Corking in peppers on google to understand the process.

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rick_in_va(7 VA)

Personally, I would rather you didn't send any to Canada that you are not sure the identity of - or at least label them with a question mark and send as bonuses. You might check with Heather to see what her position on this is. Rick

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I think
30. Scotch bonnets
31. Trinidad Red Congo

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I label ALL of the peppers I grow personally. These peppers are from random other people's garden plots. There was no label near them, which is why I'm coming here for help. If I knew the varieties, I wouldn't be posting. Thanks! :)

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I've read that pepper varieties should be separated by 500 feet to absolutely ensure purity, a practice that is probably not used in a community garden. Is this info accurate?

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I said in my original post above that none of them were properly bagged/separated. These peppers will be given away as open pollinated, but are mostly for me to keep and to test out on my own. I am a seed saving professional, and I understand that these may have been crossed. "I know they may not come true, as peppers cross quite easily, but I'd still like to know what I have."

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

However, peppers are also self-pollinating, so if I save the seeds from several peppers, I'm sure to get a few seeds that come pure.

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spacetogrow(4 MN)

14 looks similar to my Cubanelles, that stayed on the smallish side. If so, flavor is sweet to barely hot. But you might not get viable seeds if the pods won't ripen.

Agree that 22 looks like Fatalii. I tried them this year; the walls are so thin that they were easy to dry without a dehydrator.

If you want to send extras to Heather for the seed exchange, you need to hurry because, from the U.S., the seeds need to be dried out and in the mail by October 20. If you have spare pepper or tomato seeds of your own that will breed true to a known variety, you can send those in to swap for more varieties yet!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Not Bhut Jolokias, like Daryl said.


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