Help ID old yellow rose

RuthKOctober 9, 2012

When I moved to this house, the previous owner told me the rose was planted in 1941 or 42. I'm not positive, but that's the story. It's pretty thick at the base.

It blooms in flushes from early spring to late in the fall, sometimes with candelabra clusters.

The roses open yellow and fragrant, then open to very pale butter (once in a while tinged with pink). When open, the petals are ruffled.

They bloom for a long time, lasting well when cut. Lots of sharp thorns.

Its very happy with lots of sun, and beloved by thrips and caterpillars alike ; )

Please help! I've searched and looked, but couldn't find a name. Any tips are appreciated.

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I meant to add that after they open, the blooms lose most of their scent.

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shape and size

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one more

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seil zone 6b MI

That's really a beauty what ever it is!

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That sure is a beauty, I agree. I love yellow roses and this one looks truly beautiful!

I am not used to seeing anything like that growing in such a small square of open ground in concrete. At least.. not roses! Knotweed maybe...

I have to ask... how does this happen? Is it typical to plant like this? Or, what came first. the rose or the concrete? Did they just decide to put in a walkway and pave around it??

I know, silly questions I am sure, please excuse my ignorance on this but I am dying to know more.

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I actually don't know what came first - the rose or the concrete. My theory is that the concrete went in, and then the rose was planted - both in 1942, I was told.

I worry about only getting to feed or tend to a very small space at the base...but it seems to be just fine! In bloom and resisting blackspot into November.

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