Shipping peppers

koalaberryOctober 2, 2010

I want to ship a few peppers to my brother who lives on the opposite side of Washington. Does anyone have any tips on how to package them? I was thinking of putting them in a ziplock and then some bubble wrap around it...does that sound good?

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Depends, how important is it that your brother is guaranteed getting the peppers intact.

Mail is a crap shoot. 20, 30 pounds+ of mail sitting on a bubble wrapped envelope of peppers in transit might mean they arrive crushed, yes?

I'd look for a box to bubble wrap them in.

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Oh, I was going to bubble wrap them and then put them inside one of the USPS flat-rate boxes. I just want to make sure that putting them in a ziplock won't make them gross by the time they get to the destination.

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Don't worry about the zip lock, across state delivery is what, one or two days? They'll only get "gross" after 5 - 10 days in zip lock.

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I sent some peppers to friends this week, and I just put them in paper lunch sacks in a box. I figured they'd do better in paper than in plastic. It also made it easier to label the peppers--I just wrote directly on the sacks.

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I just recieved some peppers, and they were wrapped in a paper towel type of material inside a box. Guessing that material was to keep moisture from building up. Hope this helps

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