Patiently waiting....

ramblinrosez7b(JerseyShore)May 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am waiting on pins and needles for my roses to make thier first showing for the season.....I can hardly stand it! I have so many buds that are so ready to peal back their sepals and burst forth with an abundance of color, it really is driving me mad. So anyway I thought I would share with you a "before the show" video of my rose garden. It's a really short video (15 sec.) and also I want to boast a little about my huge rose bush Neptune, I pruned it down this fall but it is growing like crazy, not only tall but wide, its scaring me! LOL! I am especially excited about this one blooming too because it is loaded with buds. The first rose you see is Neptune, it just towers over the rest of my roses. Hope you enjoy it. I also posted some pics for those who do not want to play the video. I hope this works.

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Well the pictures didn't post so I will try again. Here goes...
Neptune before blooms

This is a cutting of Neptune that I started last spring and this year it has really taken off.
Neptune Cutting video

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Well it looks like the videos are not working either.....sorry.

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I know what you mean about going crazy waiting for these beauties to show their faces. Mine have the most buds ever, I guess due to it being their third year, but mine are just now opening and I luuuuuv the show. So anxious though for them all to open. Your roses look nice and healthy. I wish your video would have worked for you. Keep trying!! Take care, Judy

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

HOly cow!!! You have a TREE there!!!! That's amazing!!

You MUST post more pictures when the roses come - I'm in awe!!


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