HAVE: Already rooted Queen Bee cutting

MaryDanielle(5)July 20, 2012

Already rooted 'Queen Bee' cutting. I'm willing to trade the plant with a nice root system for some varieties of rose cuttings, unrooted or a cutting that has already been rooted. Looking to expand in a way that will apease my dear husband. I LOVE purple roses, but don't have many whites or yellows, probably just one of each. I prefer continual blooming, no huge bushes, climbers or ramblers as I only have a container garden. :)

I also have an extra 'Eden Climber' plant that came as a bonus with a lot I bought. The plant is in okay to good shape as it came bareroot and as a bonus, I figure because a few of the roses I bought are dry and the seller is closed and done for the season. If someone is interested in trading a variety of cuttings or other plant I don't have that would be great!

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