wanted: ogr cuttings

finocchia(6)July 1, 2011

I am looking for some softwood cuttings of some OGRS that I have not tried rooting yet:

Gallicas: Belle Herminie, Nouvelle Pivoine, George Vibert, Belle Isis, Marbree, Rosa mundi

Portland: Pergolese

Damask: Fours Seasons

Moss: James Vietch, Crested Moss, Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseaux, Rene D'anjou.

Also Stanwell Perpetual, Scabrosa (Rugosa Hybrid), Polareis (rugosa)

I have some healthy Rugosa hybrid cuttings to trade, and seeds that I will post on my trade list.

I have:

Snow Pavement (aka Schneekoppe)

White Pavement (aka Schnee-Eule)

Pink Pavement (aka "Showy pavement", "Rokoko")

Purple pavement (aka "Rotes meer")

Belle Poitevine

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

Jens Monk

Blanc Double de Coubert



Therese Bugnet

I also have cuttings available of Madame Hardy and Leda (Damask).

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vissara(8 OR)

is it too late in the year to send you cuttings? I have Quarte Saisons at my mother's place as well as a few other OGRs

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