Anyone know this rose?

Celtic_Rose(5 MA)October 26, 2007


I've passed this rose bush twice a day all season and would love to know which variety it is! I took a few photos of it this fall. Unfortunately, the form is not accurate as the blooms were weather beaten when I took the photos. But the color is accurate. The petals are peach on top and a pinky/coral on the reverse. I believe the petals curl outward similar to America. The blooms are very large and the bush is about 5 ft tall with fairly upright growth. It appears to be very disease resistant. (I doubt if the owners spray judging from their other rose "sticks"!)

(I can't seem to embed the photo so I'll post another thread with the second photo.)

Thanks very much for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Celtic_Rose(5 MA)

Thanks so much for your response, Angela, and for posting the link. They do look similar in these two photos but the unknown rose has a coral reverse. (I posted a photo of that in another post.)

Someone thought it was About Face. I thought that was correct but now I'm wondering. A friend sent me a photo of her About Face. Hers has fewer petals and blooms in clusters which I don't think this bush does! So it may still be a mystery.

Thanks again!

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I wonder if that might be Abraham Darby, although it seems to me that it has more petals than your rose. The color and description of the plant do seem to fit Abraham Darby.

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Evelyn is famous for fragrance. If that is what the mystery rose is, you won't have missed the fragrance. The form looks like Abe Darby, but the color of AD is usually more pinky-peach.

I take it there is no round tag at the base of the plant?

Abe Darby has very strong canes, and grows straight upright. Evelyn has more slender, long canes, and tends to lean and nod if not supported.

Abe is now off patent, so you could with a good conscience ask for cuttings, if that is what the rose is.

Another possibility, which I have not grown, is yellow Charles Austen, or Charles Austen. The picture does look like an early DA rose.

I hope this helps.

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It screams Austin to me also. In his book, the 'Ambridge Rose' resembles it...but on the net, pics of 'Ambridge Rose' lean to pink.

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Celtic_Rose(5 MA)

Thank you very much for your input, tnangela, nastarana and ingrid. I can see why you'd think it was an Austin but I'm positive it's not Abe (I have him), Evelyn or Ambridge Rose. None of those varieties have a different color on the reverse. This one has a very distinctive color with very subtle "stripes" on the underside of the petals.

The reason I doubted it was About Face is because a friend of mine has it and hers blooms in clusters. This bush produces just single blooms. I just did a search for About Face on the Rose Gallery and found this photo of About Face and Julia Child from Dan in NJ. This AF does not bloom in clusters! So right now I'm thinking it is AF.

Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: About Face and Julia Child

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Surprised you don't ask the owner lol

I'd look at the Austins, Pat Austin comes to mind.

Back when I worked for a rose grower, J&P had an orange FL rose. I can't recall the name. You're probably looking at something that was available at garden centers unless the owner is like us and mail orders. I bought a few roses this year from RU. From what I remember, one had coloring like this, although I can't think of the name. If I'm up to it later, I will try to get outside to see what the name is. I remember when it bloomed how I thought it looked like About Face.

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Celtic_Rose(5 MA)

roselvr - I tried knocking on their door on two separate occasions but no one was home. Truthfully, from the looks of the rest of the yard my guess is that they didn't keep the tag.

Pat Austin doesn't have a different color reverse like this one, does it?


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my first thought was alychemist.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Alchemist doesn't have a coral reverse side to the petals, does it?

I got out the Austin book that Clare Martin put together ( I find it very helpful, as a U.S. grower.) There are close-up photos of scores of Austin roses in it, but I couldn't find a match for your neighbor's rose.

I hope you find an ID -- it's very pretty.

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Yes, Pat is a coral raspberry color on the reverse - and it was my first thought when I saw your picture. There seem to be two versions of Pat; one has these smaller petals in the middle...which is the version DA has on his site (maybe it's only the difference in climates though). Pat has very glossy leaves and has many, many flowers, a light beautiful scent and shatters quickly in full sun/heat.

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subrosa(PNW7 Canada)

Pat Austin usually nods - that's her signature. Also, the orange is really red dots on yellow.

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