Pink rebloomer? Lots of pictures!

emilyg(z5 Chicago)October 8, 2006

Here are pictures of a pink rebloomer in my yard. I have no idea of what it is. It is fragrant, although not overwhelmingly so. It has done okay even after a bunny attack during last winter.

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

It reminds me alot of my Queen Elizabeth.

Here is a picture of her outside my bedroom window, it is about 7 feet tall.

Sorry, that is the only pic I have of her.


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Hey I am pretty sure this is a Queen Elizabeth rose. I rehabbed my MIL's rose garden..she is quite ill. She could not remember what it was and I looked it up..Sure looks like Queenie to me!

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agree. QE.

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emilyg(z5 Chicago)

Hey, thanks!

Do you think I need to bow to the Queen?

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jackied164(z6 MA)

The flower certainly looks like the Queen but as a floribunda it usually has a small spray of flowers which I dont see in these pictures. These buds are on long stems like a Hybrid Tea.

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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

could it be a buck rose then?
Valerie, I LOVE that picture, not your 'typical'
rose picture, beautiful! especially with the colors
in the background! you should post it in the gallery!

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For jackied...

'Queen Elizabeth' isn't a floribunda. It is actually a grandiflora. I believe, it was the first rose to ever have that classification.

Grandifloras grow more like Hybrid Teas than floribundas. They tend to make large blooms on long canes, just like HT's; but grandifloras will make rather nice sprays from time to time as well.

It has been many years, since I grew both QE and Climbing QE; but these blooms do sorta look like that old girl. The bush plant of QE does make loads of long-stemmed blooms, but they tended to open to fast for me. I was focusing on show roses at the time, and there were other pinks that were winning the trophies back in the 70's, so both QE and Climbing QE got shovel pruned.

Years later, a Queen of Show QE was the talk of the day. Everyone said the same thing, "That rose deserved to win Best in Show, because none of us has been able to grow one that looked that good and could get our blooms of 'Queen Elizabeth' to last long enough for judging." Most blooms of QE will open up very quickly, once they are cut from the bush and placed in water. The warmth of your home or show room will only push them open faster.

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