wheatgrass mowing height tolerance question

bpgreen(5UT)July 17, 2008

I had a sprinkler head go bad last summer, so a section of the lawn died. That section is now almost completely native grass. This year, I haven't been watering enough to keep the entire lawn green, so I have sections that are brown. I'm seeing that at least some of my overseeding in prior years worked, because I'll see a patch of brown with a few sprigs of light green (streambank wheatgrass) or blue (western wheatgrass) growing it.

The fireworks season ends July 27 (3 days after a state holiday) so I'll turn off the sprinklers then. That should make everything that isn't native at least go dormant if not die. I'll then plant a fall planting (watering with the irrigation system) followed by a dormant seeding.

I've been mowing at the highest setting of the mower, but I want to mow lower for the fall planting. Will the western and streambank wheatgrass tolerate lower mowing? How low can I mow them? I don't need to mow the area that is already native low (although it would be easier to mow everything the same height). But I don't want to kill the natives that have managed to survive in and among the KBG (I figure those must be pretty hardy to make it there).

How low have those of you with native grasses mowed them without killing them?

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

bp, the livestock chew it short as long as you don't damage the crown, like sheep do, you should be okay going down to an inch.

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Thanks for the info.

I doubt if I could bring myself to take the mower down to an inch, so I should be fine.

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