Rose varieties to trade

danty(z9CA)December 24, 2011

I'm back into rose propagation and enjoying it more than ever.

I finally got the bugs out of using my hydro cloner. It was a simple matter of changing the soil mix I used when I transferred the roses from the cloner to pots.

African Violet mix -- that's the good stuff.

Here is my list:


ALFIE (Mini)





















THE GIFT (Cl. Poly)


Let me know if you are interested in a trade of some kind.

Also, my cloner isn't big enough to accommodate all of the varieties above -- so I cycle thru them.

One or another should become available within several months.

I'm not running a nursery -- just enjoy sharing roses with my friends.


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Glenburn(z8/z9 Mudgee, NSW Aust)

Danty, any chance of explaining your "hydro cloner" and how it works please. Regards David in Australia.

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I'm glad you asked.
I have had this cloner for several years and have had mixed results until this past summer.
It is a 20-site cloning machine by American Agritech Botanicare.
Here is a link to their website:

Also I am attaching a link to my Photobucket site with photos of my system.

Basically here is how it works.
The cloning box is fully self-contained.
You pour distilled water into the box and add a small dose of a special growing supplement that AAB makes.
There is a submersible pump in the tank fitted with a periscope pipe rig that has miniature sprinkler nozzles that spray upward.
Fitted inside the box is a 4-legged table-like platform with a number of holes (depending on the size of the unit you have) inside of which sit little plastic baskets.

In each basket is a foam cap with a slit on one side.
You stick a cutting in each foam cap and it sits in the basket.
Each basket then sits in its own hole in the top platform.
The mini sprinklers spray up on the bottom of the baskets.
I run it 24 hours a day -- all year.

In the warm season I getting cuttings fully rooted in from 12 days to 3 weeks depending on the plant material.
Roses take longer than, say, softwood cuttings like Plectranthus or Pelargoniums.
It is not unusual for the roots to trail downward 3 or 4 inches below the basket.

Once the plants are rooted well I transplant them into small pots with a fast-draining mix -- African Violet mix being my current favorite.

That's about it.

It is possible to make your own box. There are plans online that tell you how to make one.
Here in the states these boxes are a favorite of home marijuana growers and they are sold in the many local stores catering to that clientele.
I don't happen to be using it for that purpose but it works just fine for me.

I get virtually 100 percent success with this unit.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Good growing.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket: Cloning Machine

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Glenburn(z8/z9 Mudgee, NSW Aust)

Thanks for the info Danty. Have you got any idea of current costs of one and have you seen the "home made" one's at all, Regards David.

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Hello, This is the most interesting thing that I have read today, and I have read a LOT!! I have no idea what I could trade you, I have a list but its all veggies so please browse. I am new here and am just getting back into my gardens now that we have a home. Is there anyway I could get an Anne Harkness? There are four or five that i would like to get my hands on but this one I really would like. Is there any chance of you cloning the damasks, and old roses? I'd love to grow english roses, and old ones. Is it legal to sell your clones? Just a curiosity question.

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Hello gm,
Glad you found my post interesting.
I have grown roses for many years and enjoy propagating and sharing them.

Its curious you asked about Anne Harkness.
That rose has turned into one of my and my wife, Suzanne's, favorites.
The bush is incredibly strong and it blooms in wave after wave of color for months on end.
The flowers come in huge clusters and the color is just brilliant.

I don't grow many other varieties than the ones listed in my post.
And I'm not a huge fan of the old, classic roses.
The modern ones are more to my liking -- especially with the Austins and other newer lines that combine the best of the old with the repeat habits of new roses.

As far as patented roses -- I stay away from cloning the ones that are widely available.
That includes most Austins with a few exceptions.
I grow The Alexandra Rose -- which is a wonderful single and past the patent period.
All of the roses I list are OK to trade -- as far as I am concerned.
And I am not selling them.
I am cloning them for trade only.

Don't worry at all about what you could trade in return.
I just sent off this evening eight varieties of cuttings to a lady in Oklahoma.
She sent me money for postage -- that was quite sufficient.

I would be happy to root a cutting of Anne Harkness for you.
It will take a couple of months before I could send it.
Just let me know.


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Hi Dan! I'm very happy to see this post. I have friends that have been recommending these types of clone machines to me. But they grow annuals exclusively. I put a couple of rose cuttings in there machines and lost them because they were to wet.I've been considering getting an EZ Clone machine but if I do I thought of putting a timer on the pump. Do you let yours run or have your pump on a timer.

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Hi Burz,
Glad you like my post on the cloning machine.

I have been rooting rose cuttings in my first machine for at least four years.
It took me a couple of seasons to get the hang of it, but as I have said, it now is fairly automatic that I get over 90 percent success.

I do run the machine (actually machines since I now have two of them) 24 hours a day.
The lower portion of the cuttings shouldn't dry out, ever.
The tops, however, are much more rugged than I first supposed.
I thought I had to keep them misted or in a tent of some kind.
But spraying them with water a few times a day is all that is necessary.
The leaves mostly fall off - but the stems remain fresh and turgid thanks to the constant moisture from the spraying from underneath.

I'm not sure what happened to your rose cuttings that were in your friend's machine.
I always dip my cuttings in a liquid rooting hormone called Dip 'n Grow. I don't like the powdered root hormones.
In from 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the season) the base of the cuttings develops a whitish callus.
Once the callus forms - the roots are not far behind.

Hope this info helps.

I will take some photos of my setup this weekend and post them on my Photobucket site.
Then I will post the link on this forum for you to look at if you like.


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Here's a link with some photos of one of the cloning machines I am using.

The picture of my hand holding up a cutting basket was taken today (Jan. 29th)

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket: Cloning machine

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Thanks Dan! Maybe I just had a couple poor cuttings. And yes I did use cloning gel. I've been using trays and rapid rooter style plugs for a while now with good results but keeping them moist and not wet or dry can be a pain. And I like to use half PRO-MIX and half FOX FARM HAPPY FROG in a small pot or a SOLO cup for a week or so after I remove them from the flat tray before they go in the ground or larger pot.I'm going to get a few more cuttings to put in a friends machine and give it another whirl.I'll post some pics of my setup next time around.

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I would love to trade for roses I Don't have very many roses I guess they are all pretty so if you find some thing you like in my list on daves garden under dreamer474 we can make some arrangements.But right now I need to thin out my point of honor daylily which is a beautiful 5 inch red velvet bloom if you are in a hurry that one can be dug up quickly and I can give you 2 fans for 1 rose plant,just get back with me and tell me if you are interested in that trade and look over my trade list on daves garden I have lots of irises and daylilies and daylily seeds too thats a good way to start your daylilies.
Thanks for offering

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jlee160(5 MI)

I would love to trade you for some. I would be interested in Anne harkness, bees knees, brass ring, distant drums, and strawberry ice. Please check my list, however I will not be able to ship perennials just yet. Thanks:)

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whitbit(6 WV)

Hi Dan! I have been meaning to try out roses for a while now, last year I became an avid elephant ear collector. I also have a ton of red-leaf canna lilies. If you would be interested in any bulbs that I have in exchange for ANY type of roses I'd appreciate it. If not perhaps other arrangements can be made. Out of curiosity though, does cold weather affect cutting shipments? In that case I can check back here later. Thanks :)

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

Hi Dan I am interested in some roses if you don't mind :). I am interested in:


Just tell me what you can do :) jessica.beyer @ live .com

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Good to hear from you.

Wow, an elephant ear collector!
How many varieties do you grow?
Do you have any dwarf ones?
I am growing mostly in pots and tubs these days.
Smaller scale plants are what I am focusing on.

Same thing with the Cannas.
Any smaller sized ones?

As far as Roses I have some Miniatures I could send you pretty much right away.

For the bigger sized rose plants I have a bunch of other people on the waiting list.
That would put your getting any of those roses out into late April to mid-May or so -- or even into June.

What's the weather like for you now?
Is it still fairly cold?
If so it might be preferable to wait until you are more into Spring -- like April or so.

Let me know what you think.


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I rooted Geoff Hamilton and Knockout and I just started Cinco de Mayo. Are you interested in any of these.


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Hi Hedy,
I prefer not to trade for newer roses that could be patented or registered.

Some people who don't have cuttings to trade are willing to pay the shipping costs which aren't that much considering the value of the unusual roses I grow.

Let me know.


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Interesting read. I thought about buying one of those hydro cloners but the cost is too much for the little I root. A lot of people use them up here in the Santa Cruz Mts., but not for roses. LOL

I am interested in some of your cuttings. I will send you a list of mine. I don't have much success at rooting cuttings so they would be unrooted. You can also check out my trading list on my page.

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Hi Clare,
Good to hear from you.

I would be glad to send you rooted cuttings of the varieties you asked for.

I don't have any of the ones you selected in production at the moment.
So as soon as I have wood to cut I will get them going.

I might split up the shipment into two or even three parts.

In the future e-mail me directly at


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Thanks for your reply. You have my email and can let me know when you send them and what you would like to trade. I wish I had your success, I have lost older roses that if I had rooted a cutting I would still have them. Roses from only 30 - 50 years ago are hard to find now.

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tommyjmcintosh(7a Tx)

I would really like to have a strawberry ice, the only place I have found it was as a $45.00 custom root. Thanks

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Hi Tommy,
Thanks for your message.
I have been trying all season to root Strawberry Ice.
Its not been too responsive.
Its much tougher to root than the mostly minis I grow.

But I'll keep trying and let you know if I can root one for you.


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tommyjmcintosh(7a Tx)

many thanks

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I would be very interested in trading for Abracadabra, or other sports.


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