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rosa_crazii(PacificNWz7)December 30, 2010

I have a band of the large flowered climber 'Alchymist' and would love to trade for a rooted plant of an Alba or Gallica. Please let me know what you have available to trade.


HFM's Alchymist Page:


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maureeninmd(z6 MD)

I am interested in the Alchymist but at the moment I only have available large suckers of R. gallica versicolor (Rosa Mundi).

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Believe it or not, I don't have Rosa Mundi. I would love to trade! I'll email you directly.

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I'm north of Seattle, in the San Juans. I have lots of gallicas, albas, perpetuals, also many iris. I'd love a rooted cutting of Alchemist, and i am interested in anything else you may want to trade..

Can we wait until things go dormant later in the fall? How do i find your email. i hat to give you mine on a public site.

My list of rooted cuttings include:

Charles DeMilles (Gallica)
Souvenir Dr Jamain (HP)
Tuscany Superb (Gallica)
Belle de Crecy (Gallica)
Ma Cene (variegated Gallica)
Cardinal Richelieu (Gallica)
Felicite Parmentier (alba)
Reine de Violette (HP)
Glauca (species)
Chaucer (English, very fragrant)
Moyseii (rambler)
Harrison�s double yellow (rambler)

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tkopari(Z4 MN)

I have cuttings from an unknown rose that I believe to be an Alba that I'm rooting right now. I don't know if you still have the Alchymist cuttings available, but I'd love to trade if you're willing. I also have unrooted cuttings of Abraham Darby, Amazing Grace, Graham Thomas and Music Maker.

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